Watch a Peeved Rhino Go on a Rampage and Flip a Car Like It’s Nothing

Rhino looking at camera

Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Updated: October 19, 2023

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You may have experienced road rage but have you experienced it like a rhinoceros on a rampage? The video clip below shows one of these massive animals flipping a car that gets too close.

Check Out the Video of This Rhinoceros

This video clip shows a vehicle approaching a rhino for a closer look. The vehicle is likely part of a wild animal safari or other experience. It is painted to mimic zebra stripes, although nothing is fooling the animals that it goes near. The rhino tries to get away from the car at first. This is when the driver makes a huge mistake.

Instead of respecting the rhino’s space, the driver continues to get closer. You should always stay a good distance away from animals, for both their protection and yours. Even if the animal seems docile and uninterested, things can change very quickly. In this video, the rhino uses its horn to get under the car. The animal flips the car multiple times and pushes it in a circle before the driver is able to get away.

The video ends before anyone gets out of the car. Let’s hope that they had their seatbelt on and were able to remain calm while the rhino explored. Because it is a staff vehicle, it’s likely that they had some training on what to do in events like these. Even though rhinos are herbivores and don’t usually go after other animals, people, or cars, they are still very large animals that can express their need for space and security.

Rhino, Dust, Running, Charge



is charging, something that they do when they feel threatened.

Where Do Rhinoceros Live?

This video was filmed in a controlled enclosure, likely a zoo, wildlife park, or reserve. Even though there is a lot of space for the animals (you can also see ostriches in the background), the presence of roads and vehicles shows that this is not in the wild.

In the wild, rhinos live in Africa and Asia. There are actually five different species: white rhinos, black rhinos, greater one-horned rhinos, Sumatran rhinos, and Javan rhinos. Some of these species are in serious jeopardy of becoming extinct. According to the World Wildlife Fund, black rhinos, Sumatran rhinos, and Javan rhinos are all considered critically endangered. White rhinos are near threatened and greater one-horned rhinos are listed as vulnerable.

Is Flipping Cars Normal for Rhinos?

No, rhinos are not known for flipping cars, tires, or anything else. But they didn’t evolve to have that formidable horn for nothing. The video shows the car pursuing the rhino, not the other way around. The rhino tries to get some space. But when the car follows, the rhino does the only thing that comes to mind. He flips the car.

If you are driving in a part of the world that is home to rhinos, you generally won’t need to worry about your car getting flipped. Make sure to give these animals (and others you encounter) their space. Don’t chase after wild animals. Most prefer to leave vehicles alone. However, when they feel threatened, they will act to defend themselves, just like this rhino.

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