Watch a Pride of 20 Lions Sneak Up on a Giraffe At the Watering Hole

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 24, 2023

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Southern Giraffe
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When we see documentaries of SEALs completing a mission together as one unit, people feel a sense of awe and pride when watching it. Well, similar feelings happen when we see an entire pride of lions all working together to complete a hunt. There is something incredible about a group of animals knowing how to work with one another to feed their pride. Don’t miss the action above!

Lion Pride Hunt in Africa

This next YouTube video posted at the top of this blog takes us to Africa, where the Latest Sightings YouTube page shared this video. This channel is dedicated to videos of the wildlife in Africa captured while their tour guides and tourists adventure through Africa. 

Giraffe Drinking Water in Africa

At the start of this video clip, we see that a safari tour has slowed down. They have caught sight of a pride of lions walking together. However, it doesn’t take long before we notice they are clearly hunting and not just walking together. Notice how slowly they put one paw before the other and how low their heads are to the ground. 

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Just up ahead, they see an enormous giraffe at the waterhole drinking water. And this pride knows it will take all of them to take down the tallest animal in the world. According to the Latest Sightings, “If a predator can bring it down, no matter the size, they’ll go in for the kill. This is when a pride of lions tries to take down a huge giraffe.” 

They surround the giraffe, and then it’s as if the signal has been given, and the lions all charge. The giraffe takes off the best it can, pounding on the grass beneath its hooves. The lions all give chase as if this were a dramatic Hollywood film. However, despite their best efforts, at 1:14, we see the lions stop this chase and watch this giraffe run off into the sunset. They didn’t win this round.

How Do Lions Hunt?


Lions can have up to 40 members in their pride.

©Adalbert Dragon/

Despite the dominant male lion being labeled as the king of the jungle, he does not lead the charge when hunting for food. Typically, the lionesses hunt and go in for the kill with pride. This is not to say that the dominant male doesn’t ever chase because he does.

Once the lion pride has a prey in their sights, they will stalk their prey until they get as close as possible. According to the Kruger National Park, once they have reached close enough, they will try “either to pounce on their target or knock it over.” This could have proved fruitful if this pride could have knocked this giraffe over. 

As we can see from the video posted above, lions are very patient animals. They do not rush in for their kill. They won’t rush in until they are certain now is the time. But, despite their best planning, sometimes plans fail, as we see in the video at the top. 

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