Watch a Pride Of Lions Stand Off Against a Whole Herd of Buffalo

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: February 19, 2023
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Being one of the deadliest predators in the world comes with certain perks. Few animals are willing to disturb lions and incur their wrath. Even fewer animals are brave enough to take their food.  In this case, we see a pride of lions standing up to a herd of buffalo numbering in the dozens.

The video begins with fewer than ten lions eating some unfortunate creature’s remains. A herd of buffalo stands in the background, watching the grisly sight unfold. Interestingly, one of the male lions in the pride is relaxing off to the side, having apparently eaten its fill. After all, buffalo are just another meal to the pride of lions.

The lions seem more concerned with their meal than the encroaching buffalo. However, that starts to change when the herd falls in line and looks ready to charge.

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A few lionesses return from the carcass and get ready to pounce. They snarl as one of the buffalo gets a little too close. Meanwhile, one male is still half-asleep, and the other continues to eat.  

The Pride of Lions Stand Off Almost Boils Over

Pride of lions in grass
Female lions often hunt larger prey as a team.

©Riaan van den Berg/

More and more buffalo move forward. Now, all of the lionesses are alert and ready to charge. For a moment, it seems like the situation will turn into a fight. The buffalo, seeing that they’re not going to catch these lions off guard, decide to trot back the way they came.

It’s a good thing, too. The one male lion didn’t seem bothered, simply raising its head to see what the commotion was about. The stand off ends in a stalemate.

Next, the video jumps to a different location. A lone lioness runs across the plains, stalking an antelope. The female lion jumps on the creature, but its momentum allows the antelope to shrug it off. The antelope starts running and makes a cut to run toward freedom. However, the agile lion is already prepared for this tactic and takes the mammal to the ground.

The antelope stands up with the lion riding its back. The antelope makes it a few steps before the lioness bites the creature again. This time, the lion bites and twists, sending both mammals to the ground in a heap.

The video ends with the antelope’s feet in the air, a sure sign that the fight didn’t end as it wanted. The two stories in this video showed the unique strengths of lions. The standoff with the herd of buffalo showed that outnumbered lions are dangerous enough to hold off dozens.

The second part of the video demonstrates the power of an individual. Lions are tough when fighting alone and even more powerful when fighting together. Either way, they’re profoundly dangerous animals.

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Three male lions fight
Prides have one, two or three males who protect their territory.
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