Watch a Rattlesnake Invade a Texas Home and Curl Up on The Couch Like a Puppy

Written by Opal
Updated: March 20, 2023
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One of the most prevalent fears is the phobia of snakes, but many individuals have never actually seen one in person. So, how does this fear come about? Researchers discovered that adults and kids could spot pictures of snakes more swiftly than they could spot frogs, wildflowers, or caterpillars across a range of non-threatening items.

Experts believe that humans could have survived in the wild thanks to this skill. A family in Texas had an up-close-and-personal encounter with a rattlesnake that left them almost speechless! 

Picture this: You’re sitting down in front of the television with your loved ones, enjoying your favorite sports game. It sounds nice, right? At one point, everyone gets up to grab a snack, use the restroom, and stretch their legs. When you all return, there’s a giant rattlesnake curled up on the couch. 

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eastern diamond back rattlesnake on road
Rattlesnakes usually live in deserts, forests, swamps, and grasslands.

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Texas resident Jacob Gamble, of Decatur, is familiar with this personally. The terrifying footage of his experience with a very feared snake, which took his household couch during Game 3 of the Mavericks-Jazz series in April of 2022, was also posted on social media by him. 

Gamble shared the rattlesnake video in a well-liked, exclusive North Texas Facebook group titled “What kind of snake is this? North Texas Educational Group.” Let’s say it didn’t take long for people to start engaging with the post. 

An Unwelcome Visitor

As Jacob returns to the couch, the snake is sitting there in peace. Once Gamble begins to move closer, its rattle starts shaking. The snake utilizes its rattle to frighten away prospective attackers or to divert prey. The noise produced by the rattle’s bony and hollow doughnut-shaped portions striking one another is what is known as the rattle sound.

A Timber Rattlesnake striking prey
Timber Rattlesnakes strike quickly

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When Gamble’s child arrived home at about 8:30 p.m. with pizza from a nearby restaurant named Joe’s Pizza & Pasta, he was reportedly watching the game outside while lounging on the sofa in his family’s open back patio area. 

The Gamble family all entered the house for dinner at that point. Gamble claimed that when they were done, they went back to the patio where the rattlesnake had taken its position. While this family was lucky that the snake didn’t hurt anyone, there are measures you can take if you find one of these slithery serpents in your home. 

A rattlesnake will hunt or build a den in any quiet, shaded area, whether it’s seeking prey or seeking refuge from the heat. Crawl spaces and basements are included in this, in addition to regions under decks and porches. Rattlesnakes are much more likely to be found under houses with rodent infestations

A rattlesnake within the home doesn’t enter via climbing or excavating, unlike other pests. Snakes enter houses through cracks in the ground-level foundation. Baby rattlers may frequently fit through cracks under doors because they are so little.

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