Watch a Robin Turn Into Mr. Miyagi and Catch a Flying Bee

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: August 9, 2023
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There are so many wild things that happen in nature that require a zoomed-in look in slow motion. For instance, the American robin in the video at the bottom of the page gets a food delivery to its nest — it doesn’t even have to take a single step to snatch its meal out of mid-air!

What Are American Robins?

The American robin is a bird that inhabits open woodlands and nests in trees. These birds live throughout North America and you can tell them apart from others by their orange breasts and joyful songs. They are first to appear immediately following the winter season and make their way into populated areas like towns and cities. However, they also enjoy more remote environments like forests in the mountains and the wild, untouched environments throughout Alaska. They especially approach residential environments when there are bird feeders outdoors for them. You might even spot one in your yard snacking on earthworms.

American robin eating a berry

American robins eat earthworms, insects, and berries.

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What Do American Robins Eat?

Robins obtain their sustenance from a variety of food sources. Earthworms are a favorite snack and you’re likely to see one tugging one out of the ground with its beak. These birds also enjoy a bit of fruit and snack on berries. The majority of their diet includes insects during the early part of the summer season when they have a full buffet of spiders, flies, termites, and centipedes. During the winter, they rely primarily on fruit to sustain them.

Robin Expertly Snatches Bumblebee Mid-Flight

The video below gives you an excellent close-up look at an American robin. The camera is focused on the bird and pans in from the right, showing off the bird’s plumage and distinctive orange breast. The robin is perched on the edge of its nest and doesn’t even have to change position to enjoy a tasty treat. As the camera pans over the bird’s body, a bumblebee comes into view. It’s blurry at first but descends much too close to the robin’s nest.

The robin casually looks over and expertly catches the bumblebee in its beak in one swift motion. The video is in slow motion, which allows you to appreciate the precision with which the robin grabs this snack out of mid-air. After it grabs it, it takes a couple of small, quick bites to its body before transferring it further into its mouth, where it chomps down a few more times before swallowing, shaking its head, and repositioning itself on its nest.

Watch the Slow-Motion Footage Below!

Slow-motion footage of American robin snatching bumblebee mid-flight.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Richard G Smith/

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