Watch a Sable Bull Try to Ward off Three Hyenas at the Watering Hole

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 25, 2023

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Hyena in woodland
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Animals have a specific diet of animals they like to eat and what they know they can take down. However, sometimes hunger does crazy things to animals; they will go after prey regardless of size. And sometimes, this can prove dangerous. Look at the action in the video above, where three hyenas attempt to take down an animal just a bit too big for them to handle. 

Sable Bull Sighting in Africa

The video at the top of this blog post takes us to Africa. The Incredible Wild Animals Sightings YouTube page posted this video a little over a week ago, and has already received almost 4,000 views. This channel briefly describes what happened in the video posted below. 

The hyenas are predator scavengers and attacking this sable bull antelope is prey and hunting by hyenas that very aggressive and strong and hyenas trying to reach sable in the water to take down its incredible to sighting this wild animal in the jungle. 

Hyena Hunt in Africa

At the start of this video, we see a massive sable bull running from a group of hyenas in an entire hunt. We see this sable zigzag around as he is trying to find the best path to take so that he can escape from these hyenas. Many animals, such as squirrels, gazelles, and hartebeests, will also use this zigzag pattern to avoid being captured by predators. 

The sable sees a body of water up ahead and powers through. He assumed, given his height, that he would easily be able to get through. However, these hyenas were not only able to keep up, but one of the hyenas was able to run ahead and cut this sable off. Now, they are at a standstill at 37 seconds.

How Big are Sables Horns?

Animals in Zimbabwe

Sables can reach over 500 pounds.

©Dewald Kirsten/

In the video above, each time a hyena comes in, we see this sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) stick his head down, displaying his massive horns. 

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, “Both males and females boast impressive ringed horns that rise vertically and curve backward.” Female horns can reach up to 102 centimeters (40 inches) in length. Males can reach up to 165 centimeters (65 inches). 

And this stand-off remains still throughout the remainder of this video. However, these sable’s horns are a little too intimidating for this group of hyenas. 

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