Watch a Sea Lion Decide They’d Rather Ride in the Boat

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: October 27, 2022
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If the fish doesn’t come to the sea lion, the sea lion comes to the fish! Here we see a cheeky sea lion called Poncho decide to climb aboard a boat and wait expectantly for his lunch! The ease with which he manages to launch himself onto the boat is incredible. It seems so effortless yet the boat is traveling at a fair speed!

Sea Lions and Their Love of Fish!

Sea lions are omnivorous mammals and their main source of meat is ocean fish. Their exact diet depends on where they live but amongst their favorites are herring, pompano, mackerel, pompano, capelin and salmon. Some sea lions are also partial to squid and crabs and they will also eat marine plant life. Sea lions spend a lot of time looking for food and larger sea lions need a lot of food! There are even reports of sea lions breaking into commercial fish farms and raiding the stock!

More About Sea Lions

Sea lions are found in oceans all over the world and live for over 22 years. They are large animals and can grow to weigh up to 2,400 pounds. They are full of personality and love to play with humans. In fact, they seem to seek out human company – although that may be because we sometimes have large quantities of fish! Some sea lions have been taught rudimentary sign language, and a few were recruited to the United States Navy to work in counterespionage!

When not mating, males and females live separately. They like to live in groups and feed and migrate in water. Breeding and resting, however, take place on land. So, they have to be pretty efficient at getting in and out of the water. This transfer is called ‘hauling-out’ and when they are all doing this together it is accompanied by a lot of rhythmic barking and growling together with the occasional belch. Luckily, Poncho is being incredibly polite and is waiting in silence for his fish!

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