Watch A Surfer Literally Touch A Great White Shark Without Realizing It

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Published: September 22, 2022
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Most surfer’s nightmare would be coming across a shark, but an explorer that traveled to the warmer waters of Southern California captured interesting footage of great white sharks that stayed around the shore where surfers were. Great white sharks can be seen surfing the coast in a video alongside humans who do not even notice their presence.

The great whites could be seen in larger numbers the more south the videographer went, but that could also be influenced by the better view through the green-hued water.

In the video, the great white sharks swim through the water, without catching any of the surfer’s attention. The video makes it appear as if sharks crashing your surf was a regular occurrence, perhaps for these surfers who can be seen oblivious to the sharks swimming next to them.

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The sharks appear to be calm and are not attacking any of the surfers, which shows that shark attacks are rarer than people think. The sharks are relaxed in the video and show no signs of aggression toward the humans hovering on the water on their surfboards. The videographer shows an overview of several surfers in the water as great white sharks swim around, making the videographer feel nervous every time the sharks get too close to the surfers.

An unsuspecting surfer later in the video accidentally slaps the shark swimming underneath the board without even noticing and shows how the human’s sight can be so limited underwater. The videographer explains that this video shows that great white sharks are not the aggressors we think them to be and that many cases of shark attacks seem to be an issue with identification. He then explains that most great white attacks along the coast are from juvenile or sub-adult great white sharks, just like the ones in this video.

A Surfer’s Worst Nightmare

Great white sharks who are labeled as one of the earth’s deadliest predators, didn’t even react to being touched by a surfer underwater, almost as if they were used to seeing and swimming with humans. These sharks can grow to an adult size of 16 feet and weigh up to 2,450 pounds, and the small size of the great white sharks in the video indicates that they are still young.

Watching a guy paddle right over a great white shark is impressive, but these close encounters with humans are not as unusual as you may think. The impressive drone footage was able to capture a birds-eye view of the water, and the surfers most likely could not see the sharks because of their view directly in the water.

Most shark attacks happen due to the majestic creature’s poor eyesight, which makes them mistake your limb for a turtle or seal, and great white sharks do not intentionally seek out humans as food or to cause injury. However, that does not mean that you should go surfing with the sharks! Always stay vigilant in the water with groups of people, make sure you are swimming in an area that you are familiar with, and follow the shark beach safety information in your area.

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