Watch a Warrior Grizzly Bear Singlehandedly Take On 100+ Massive Elk

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: November 6, 2023
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This young grizzly bear has taken on a huge challenge. It has its sights on a large herd of female elk who also have some calves with them. As the bear approaches the herd, panic sets in and they race towards the forest. To begin with, it looks as if the bear has no chance of catching any of the elk because they are simply moving too fast and there are too many of them.

However, at least one of the calves is either hiding in or has got entangled in the undergrowth. This is not something that a grizzly bear is going to miss! Sadly, we can hear the distressed calls of the calf as it is captured by the bear.

As the clip at the bottom of this page shows, living as part of a herd does not guarantee your safety when there are grizzlies around.

See the Amazing Footage Below

Where Do Grizzly Bears Normally Live?

Grizzly bears are a native species of the US. Whilst they used to live throughout the western part of the country, they have now been eliminated from 98 percent of their original habitat. This loss damaged the populations on the Great Plains and in all habitats south of Yellowstone National Park. Thanks to considerable conservation efforts carried out since the 1970s, grizzly bears are making a comeback! They are even beginning to recolonize prairie habitats along the rocky mountainfront in Montana.

In terms of habitat, they like to live in areas like the one featured in this clip. Therefore, you will find them in woodlands and forests as well as in alpine meadows and prairies.

What Do Grizzly Bears Normally Eat?

Grizzly bears eating at a sanctuary where they work to restore populations of the infamous predator

Grizzly bears eat plants and meat.

©mynewturtle/iStock via Getty Images

Grizzly bears are omnivores. This means that their digestive system can cope with both plant and animal material. When it comes to plants, you will see them scraping around in the dirt for fleshy roots and this is why they have such a well-developed shoulder hump. They are also very keen on fruits and berries and will eat grasses and forbs.

They also supplement their plant diet with meat. Many grizzlies are experts at catching fish, especially salmon and they are also good at bagging rodents such as ground squirrels. As you can see from this clip, some individuals are excellent at hunting larger hoofed animals such as elk, moose, caribou, and deer. The adults of the species are more of a challenge and so grizzly bears tend to target the calves!  

Is It Normal Behavior for a Bear to Chase an Elk Herd?

grizzly bear feeding on an elk along the Lamar River, Yellowstone

Grizzly bear feeding on an elk along the Lamar River, Yellowstone.

©Bobs Creek Photography/

It’s probably not out of the ordinary for a grizzly bear to make an attempt on nabbing an elk or other hoofed animal grazing with a herd if it chances on one, given they do eat meat as well as plants. Grizzly bears in general are not very talented at hunting large game as they don’t have a lot of endurance to keep a chase going. Grizzlies can reach very high speeds in a sprint, however. And they are capable of successfully killing younger members of herds. Grizzlies will also target domestic livestock if the opportunity presents itself.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jacqui Martin/

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