Watch a Wild Cat Turn From Hunter to Hunted When a Leopard Shows Up

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: November 19, 2022
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Filmed at the famous Kruger National Park in Africa, this footage shows us a leopard sneaking up on a resting wild cat. Perhaps this wild feline is so used to being the hunter that they forgot that they needed to look out for predators? That proved to be a deadly mistake!

Leopard Creeping Up on a Wild Cat

Once the leopard is merely inches away, the wild cat suddenly realizes that they are being stalked. Their reaction is swift and very energetic! The cat leaps in the air and attempts to run away but the larger leopard is in control of the situation and pins the smaller cat to the floor!

There is a lot of flailing around in the dust and we see tails and limbs entangled in an epic struggle. Then, there is a pause as both animals remain quite still – the leopard has the cat clenched between sharp teeth. By this stage, it is likely that the cat is dead and the leopard heads off into the bushes with the victim in its mouth.

This is how a leopard would behave when it has caught prey – but this is not normal prey for a leopard – it is another predator! However, we learn from the video notes that leopards are one of the few animals that will eat another predator and not just kill them to exert dominance.

Leopards are skilled predators

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Leopards as Hunters

Leopards (also called panthers) are a medium-sized wild cat found in the rainforests, grasslands and mountainous regions of Africa and Asia where they lead a solitary life. They usually hunt deer, warthog and rodents but will also eat a wide variety of smaller prey which allows them to survive when their normal diet is not available. Leopards are opportunistic hunters who stalk their prey and then pounce. They move silently and are very good at sneaking up on unsuspecting animals – as we see here. They don’t like to waste a lot of energy on high speed chases!

Leopards are strong and muscular animals and are more than capable of hauling larger animals somewhere quiet so that they can eat in peace. This leopard has no problem heading off into the distance with this wild cat in its mouth!

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