Watch an Aerial Camera Capture the Exact Moment a Parking Garage Collapses

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: July 27, 2023
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A parking garage in Irving, Texas, collapsed on Monday morning, damaging several cars but causing no injuries. The incident was captured on video by an aerial camera operator. They ended up posting the video on social media in a wild turn of events.

The video begins with an aerial view of a parking garage in Irving, Texas. In the view, we see the garage already suffered a partial collapse on one side. The camera zooms in on the damaged area, where several cars are visible under the rubble.

Parking Garage Damage From 1994 Northridge, CA, Earthquake
An aerial camera caught the moment that a parking garage had a secondary collapse while cars were parked inside!


Suddenly, another section of the garage on the opposite side starts to crumble and fall down. This instantly creates a loud noise and a huge cloud of dust. The camera pans to follow the collapse, which lasts for about 5 seconds. As the dust settles, the extent of the damage becomes clear. More cars were crushed or thrown off the edge of the garage, forming a chaotic pile of twisted metal and concrete. Some cars are barely recognizable, while others are still intact but hang at odd angles from the side of the building.

The video ends with a wide shot of the scene. It shows the contrast between the collapsed and intact parts of the garage. Finally, it loops a few times to make sure viewers can get a good look at what happened.

As one can expect on social media, there are a lot of comments referencing how similar everything appears to something out of the film series “Final Destination.” There were also comments about how someone had made it out from an event that was supposed to be their last day! Let’s hope their luck continues!

A Strange Occurrence That Has Happened Before

The Irving Fire Department said that no one was inside the garage when it collapsed and that no one was hurt. The cause of the collapse is still under investigation, so there isn’t an official reason as to what ultimately set it off yet.

As crazy as this is, it isn’t the first time that a parking garage has collapsed in the U.S. Other videos of garages collapsing have been released, with a notable occurrence in Glendale, Wisconsin. This also caused millions of dollars worth of damage in a mall. Thankfully, nobody was crushed during that event, either.

Make Sure to Check Out the Video Below!

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