Watch an Alligator Prepare to Attack a Bird Only to Be Eaten by Another Alligator Twice Its Size

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: March 25, 2023
© Pankratov
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There are plenty of instances when you have the thought “nature is wild,” but it doesn’t usually happen so close in proximity to you. In this video, the Twitter user used those exact words as he shared an encounter with two alligators and a bird. But the likely outcome isn’t what happens.

Alligator in Lake
Alligators will sometimes eat one another for survival or to defend their territory.


Alligators are ruthless. They don’t have refined palates — at all. They’re opportunistic and will make a meal out of anything. That could be a turtle or a bird. Young alligators typically go for invertebrates like fish, amphibians, and insects. But ultimately, there is no specific menu for these creepy creatures.

The cameraman took this video in a tropical environment. You can appreciate lush greenery in the background. The cameraman zooms in, and you watch as a gator stalks and carefully approaches a large, white bird. The bird is completely unsuspecting, facing away from the gator.

The gator moves slowly and intentionally, and it seems like the bird realizes the gator is stalking it because it takes a few steps away from the approaching reptile. It’s one of those videos when you feel like you know something brutal is about to happen, but you just can’t look away.

two alligators
Alligators of different sizes may frequent the same area but sometimes, one overpowers the other.

©Danita Delimont/

As you wait for the gator to approach the bird, a much larger gator approaches the first from behind. The lush greenery is a gorgeous sight, but it also serves as a cover. The larger gator isn’t as slow as the first, but it is just as intentional. It knows it wants a meal and it’s feeling cannibalistic.

Just as the smaller gator tries to pick up speed to attack the bird, the larger gator beats it to the punch. The attack on the small gator gives the bird a chance to fly away. But the smaller gator is already done for. There’s no way it can overpower the larger gator.

It was caught completely off-guard as it tried to secure its own dinner. The larger gator has snapped its jaws onto its body, and you can see the smaller gator struggle as the larger gator keeps chomping down, securing it within its jaws to finalize the kill.

As if mockingly, the bird that was supposed to be dinner settles back in for a front-row seat. The larger gator grabs the other by the mouth and heads off into the water just ahead, the body of the smaller gator coiling around its neck. The last image is of the two of them descending completely into the water.

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Gator from Lakeland Florida
Alligators have huge jaws and are known for chomping up their prey!
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