Watch an Elementary School Student Discover a Rattlesnake at Recess

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Updated: October 17, 2023
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What happens when a rattlesnake slithers into the schoolyard during recess? This video shows professional snake catchers doing what they do best, catching rattlesnakes! After an elementary school student discovers a rattlesnake rustling in the leaves, the principal calls in the professionals. But catching this rattler isn’t going to be easy. Read on to see what happens next!

Check Out the Action in the Video Below

A Rattlesnake at Recess

The video takes place in Arizona, home to over 15 species of rattlers, including the Western and Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The Eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the world’s largest rattler in Arizona and the most common. While the average length is 3 to 6 feet, these reptiles can reach 8 feet long.

The opening shot takes place in a car as snake catcher Marissa fills us in on what’s happening. She’s heading to an elementary school where a student found a rattlesnake at recess!

After arriving at the school, the student who made the discovery is eager to point out where they saw the reptile. But when they get to the recess yard, the sneaky snake is nowhere to be found!

Afraid to leave the school without removing the threat, snake catcher Marissa has to find the reptiles hiding space. Leaving us in suspense, the video cuts to another snake catcher, Bryan. And he’s about to help a worried homeowner with a rattlesnake in her backyard.

eastern diamondback rattlesnake curled up in grass

The Eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the

world’s largest rattler

in Arizona and the most common.


Why Did the Rattlesnake Want to Go to School?

Why was the rattlesnake at the elementary school in the first place? Their backyard provided the perfect environment. The courtyard had plenty of low bushes, crevices, and areas for the snake to find shelter. That’s one of the things that makes it so tricky for Marissa, the professional snake catcher. She knows the snake is there, but it’s hiding so well!

This video tells two stories of rattlesnakes popping up in unwanted places. The second snake in this video is in the courtyard of an apartment complex. Here, the snake found the perfect place to hide inside the crevice of a wall. It’s likely nearby construction probably drove the snake there.

To keep snakes away, you must have the proper landscaping. Planting tall trees instead of low bushes is a great start. It would be best to keep leaf litter to a minimum since leaf piles are the perfect place for snakes to hide. Finally, removing any water and food sources will also be beneficial.

What to Do if You Find a Rattlesnake

This video provides two excellent examples of the right way to handle a rattlesnake encounter. Instead of trying to handle the reptile, call in the professionals. Search for a local wildlife management service that offers humane removal solutions. That’s what the elementary school did when they found out a snake was on campus.

A few minutes into the video Marissa finally discovers the snake. It’s a big one too! It’s about 2.5 feet and has a giant rattler. Using a special snake grabber, she gently picks up the large rattler and puts it in a bucket. The bucket has a red lid, and the side reads, “Warning! Venomous reptile.” Finally, around 4 minutes into the video, you see this large rattler relocated to a safe location far away from the school.

Water is the perfect solution in the second snake story, the one in the apartment courtyard. Snake catcher Bryan uses a garden hose to encourage the snake to leave the wall crevice. The water doesn’t hurt the snake. It just encourages them to move so they can safely put it in the reptile bucket. The second snake is released at 7:17 seconds until the video.

Catching a Snake

Call the professionals for humane removal solutions of snakes.

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