Watch a Rooster Walk on a Crocodile’s Face

Written by Crystal
Updated: October 24, 2023
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In this short but captivating video, a cocky rooster walks on a crocodile. The rooster looks calm, strutting its stuff on the crocodile’s head. But it doesn’t stay calm and peaceful for long.

The humongous crocodile‘s upper body is all that’s sticking out of the water. The large head rests on the beach, and you can see the bone-crushing teeth. As a human, If you saw this crocodile, you’d stay far away. But maybe you’d see things differently if you were a daredevil rooster!

Check Out the Video Below!

Rooster vs. Crocodile

There are a few seconds of the rooster walking when finally, you see the rooster decide to leave. This is when things get intense!

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The rooster gently steps off the crocodile’s head. You might assume the rooster’s safe. But you’d be wrong. The movement agitates the crocodile, provoking it to take action!

Have you ever seen footage of crocodiles striking and lunging forward? They’re such big animals and maneuver their bodies with great force.

Lunging and snapping at the rooster In this video, the crocodile’s large teeth come within less than a foot of the bird! The crocodile looks almost like it’s yelling at the rooster. Even though no words are spoken, the message is clear. The rooster is not wanted here!

The giant crocodile could easily swallow the rooster whole without thinking twice. After the crocodile snaps at it, the rooster finally realizes it’s in danger. The scared bird moves frantically as it tries to jump, fly, and run away from the big-mouthed crocodile.

Alligators vs. Crocodiles

Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles have a fourth tooth on their lower jaw and V-shaped snouts.

©Susan Flashman/

The video is also an excellent opportunity to examine what crocodile heads look like vs. alligators. Notice the shape of the giant reptile’s head. Alligators have a round snout that tends to be broad. You can think of alligators as having a U-shaped snout. The crocodile has a long, pointed snout. You can remember crocodiles as having V-shaped snouts.

Crocodiles have a fourth tooth on their lower jaw. The fourth tooth sticks up and crosses over the upper lip. You’ll see the tooth protruding when the crocodile’s mouth is shut. Look closely at the crocodile in the video. See that extra large tooth sticking out? That’s the fourth tooth! Alligators don’t have this dental feature.

Why doesn’t the crocodile immediately try to eat the rooster? It could have to do with the way the crocodile perceives the bird. Motion, size, and color are essential parameters in crocodile food preference. Crocodiles sometimes have to be taught to recognize chicks as food in captivity.

Perhaps this crocodile isn’t immediately making the connection that there’s a potential snack on its head. Or maybe it’s just waiting for the perfect moment to strike!

The Evil Knievel rooster is casually walking on the crocodile’s head. Looking at the ground for food, the bird doesn’t care that it’s in danger. It’s just having a good time doing rooster stuff.

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Alligators have a round U-shaped snout that tends to be broad.


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