Watch an Invincible Honey Badger Shrug Off Deadly Venom From a Puff Adder

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: September 19, 2022
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You may already know that the honey badger has been named as the most fearless animal on the planet so do you want to see the proof? Yes, we did too and this stunning video delivers that, for sure. We see an intrepid honey badger take on a puff adder – and win! Let’s analyze just how brave this honey badger really is.

Are Puff Adders Dangerous?

The puff adder is found in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia and Morocco in savannas, grasslands and open forests. It is a formidable opponent. This snake is reported to be responsible for more snake bites (including fatal snake bites) than any other snake in Africa. Puff adders are aggressive and when they feel threatened, they puff themselves up so that their body looks bigger.

This footage has been shot at night and puff adders tend to be nocturnal – they hunt for prey at night. However, it is not unusual for them to also be active during the day.

Their ability to blend in with their surroundings and to mask their scent allows them to evade many, but not all, predators. They are also able to sense vibrations through the ground which warn them that a potential predator is approaching. Hornbillswarthogs and eagles, and honey badgers are their main predators.  

Venom produced by the puff adder is a powerful toxin that causes a number symptoms including swelling, bleeding, swelling, pain, and local muscle weakness. It is intended to immobilize their prey so that it cannot run away.

Fearless Honey Badger

Bearing all this in mind, it makes sense for most animals to keep away from puff adders if they can. Yet, this honey badger takes it on!

It looks as if the puff adder gets in a few strikes and halfway through eating the snake, the brave honey badger seems to be licking an injury and then has to take a nap to recover. Yet later, they are back on their feet and are devouring the rest of the snake.

So, why is this honey badger so brave? It is partly down to the fact that they have an exceptionally thick and loose skin. They can even withstand a bow and arrow or a machete so the puff adder may have found it hard to inject much venom. We know that they can also withstand bee stings and porcupine pricks.

Also, these guys have got serious attitude and are highly aggressive to all other animals including humans. They pick fights, take over other animals’ dens and produce a horrendous odor to ward off predators. This poor puff adder didn’t stand a chance.

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