Watch an Underwater Icicle Freeze Everything in Itself Path like a Comic Book Villain

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: July 4, 2023
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Like a scene from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where the world has its second ice age, and the storms bring in ice and freeze everything in its path, this underwater icicle is like the finger of death and freezes everything underwater.

At the start of the video seen below, BBC captured this amazing video of an underwater icicle called the Brinicle, also known as the finger of death. And the reason for this is that no matter what it touches, it kills what it touches by freezing it.

When the video starts, you might automatically think you are watching a scene from some comic book, but it is very much real. The icicle formation only grows when it reaches underwater. It forms a tunnel-like shape until it hits the bottom of the ocean floor, almost like a twister under the water. 

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There are hundreds of starfish seen at the bottom of the ocean. As the icicle forms and moves towards them quickly, we see the starfish scatter. Almost as if they know imminent danger is near.

The moment the finger of death hits the ocean floor, it spreads like some awful disease. It spreads a path and freezes everything in it. The starfish that are caught in its path is frozen to the ice and unable to get out. We see some starfish that are able to glide right over that luckily weren’t caught when it first struck. 

At the end of the video seen below, we see the icicle fully laid out, and in the wake of its destruction, we see hundreds of starfish frozen, unable to move. 

What is the Ice Finger of Death?

A brinicle, also known as the ice finger of death, is an unusual underwater occurrence. This process will freeze out the salt and will create an intense cold that will freeze everything in its path. 

Can Starfish Freeze to Death?

Frozen starfish surrounded by icy rocks

Starfish have absolutely no brain and no blood in their bodies.


Starfish are solitary creatures, but in some instances, you will see them in large groups, as seen in the video below. They have spiky skin and move slowly at 0.6 miles per hour. Given their ability to move seemingly as slow as a snail, they absolutely can freeze to death when struck by the brinicle. Once this happens, they become trapped and will ultimately freeze to death. 

Check Out This Fascinating Video Below!

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