Watch as a Pack of Spotted Wild Dogs Attacks a Hyena to Steal Its Meal

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 24, 2023
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Sharing is caring. That’s what we were taught growing up. However, let’s see if this still rings true in the wild. This next video takes us to Okavango Delta in Botswana, South Africa. A hyena has just completed his kill.

He is tearing this animal apart to enjoy the kill he successfully hunted down and killed this animal for his meal. It’s not long before a pack of spotted wild dogs smell this fresh kill. 

In the video posted below, we see the pack of wild dogs come rushing in and immediately go on the aggressive to attack the hyena to get him away from this meal. The hyena is not about to give up, so he fights back against all angels to ward them off.

Check out the Video Below!

It’s interesting to note when watching this video how the hyena has situated himself. He is purposefully keeping his rear end toward the ground. He is doing this because he is vulnerable back there. But if he can keep it to the ground, he can easily pivot himself around to attack where needed.

The wild dogs grab the meal and drag it off to eat. It’s not long before the hyena comes back in between them and grabs the kill, almost as if to say, “This is not yours.” Since the hyena is much larger than the wild dogs, they know best not to mess with him when he is truly angry.

After the hyena takes a few tears off the meat, the wild dogs use this opportunity to rush back in yet again. The hyena takes off, trying to get away. But, this pack of wild dogs creates a formation around the hyena so he can’t escape. 

Are there any Wild Dogs Left?

african painted dog

Wild dogs can run 45 miles per hour.

© Bernaro-Silva

In short, yes, there are wild dogs left. However, their population status is right around 6,600 left. Because of this, their conservation status is indeed considered to be endangered. These remaining left can be found in Africa.

Who Would Win a Fight Between a Hyena and a Wild Dog?

Hyena Teeth- Hyena

Hyenas have 34 teeth.


This can be a tough one to figure out at first as we see both animals are wild and have a pack mentality. This means there is power in their numbers, and they hunt, fight, and live with their packs. 

How Big is a Hyena?

Hyenas are large and range from 41-86 kilograms (90-190  pounds). They can also grow to be five feet long. 

How Big is a Wild Dog?

Wild dogs are much smaller and weigh approximately 17-36 kilograms (39-79 pounds). They grow to be only 29-43 inches in length.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

If a hyena and a wild dog were caught alone in the wild without their packs, the hyena would come out on top. Seeing as it is over double the size of the wild dog, this would not be a difficult fight for the hyena to win alone.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © charles Hopkins/

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