Watch A Black Bear Casually Relax in A Tennessee Hot Tub

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 16, 2022
© jo Crebbin/
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Imagine living in the Great Smoky Mountains with the scenic views Tennessee offers—you’ve set up a hot tub on your balcony, the views are breath-taking, and during winter months, it’s the perfect place to relax.

The steam rises from your hot tub, the glistening sun shines on the mountain backdrop, and you can hear the many sounds of nature reverberating in your surroundings. It’s perfect.

Surely, that’s what this couple thought when they set up their own mountain oasis. But they probably didn’t consider that this uninvited guest would take their dream and make it his own.

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The video opens with a too-close-for-comfort look at a black bear balancing on a wooden balcony railing. The bear walks casually, looks around the balcony, then turns around to head back the way it came.

The man behind the camera is shocked and tells the woman in the background, “Look, this bear just walked over my coffee and it’s about to jump down—oh my gosh, okay…”

Black Bear in Pond
Black bears apparently like hot tubs!

©jo Crebbin/

The bear has now moved to the balcony as the man keeps filming from behind his sliding glass door. The woman can be heard in the background, asking, “Did you speak to it?”

He replies without missing a beat, “No, I didn’t speak to it. It’s a black bear! They’re bad bears!”

As the man is talking, the bear slides on the ice that has collected on the balcony and makes its way over to the stairs that lead to the man’s hot tub. At this point, he’s only two to three feet from the man but it has not acknowledged his presence at all.

The bear knocks over the jacuzzi top and begins to step into the jacuzzi. The man filming is not pleased but finds humor in the situation. He says, “It’s having a blast … It’s getting warm … I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi.”

The bear took the man’s plans and ran with them, hijacking his peaceful morning out on his balcony. He even kept the man from grabbing his coffee, which he had left sitting on the balcony railing.

The bear steps in all the way to the hot tub and finds a comfortable spot to sit. You can see the sun rising in the background, with mountain tops lining the sky. Steam rolls out of the jacuzzi as the bear positions itself to enjoy the nice, hot water in the dead of winter.

The man, still in disbelief, keeps filming the scene. He opens the door slightly and the bear turns, notices, and continues enjoying his hot bath. The man then steps outside onto the balcony, and the bear continues getting comfortable, submerging his whole body under water—leaving only his head out.

For a few moments, the man stands outside, just a few feet away from the bear in his jacuzzi, as he chats with the woman inside. The bear, seemingly annoyed, lunges forward slightly and splashes water toward the man.

Not needing a second warning, the man quickly retreats inside. This is the bear’s jacuzzi now.

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Black Bear in Pond
Black bears apparently like hot tubs!
© jo Crebbin/

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