Watch Coconut the Albino Alligator Turn Into a Puppy When She’s Brushed

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: October 20, 2022
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If you have a traditional pet, such as a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig, you’ve probably experienced the fun that comes with brushing them. Some pets hate this ritual, but many really enjoy the relaxation that it brings. Not only does it keep their fur and skin in the best shape, it can also be a good way to bond with your pet.

Coconut is an alligator that loves the exact same thing. Coconut is an albino alligator who lives at the Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, near Disneyland. Coconut was born without melanin pigment, which is what causes her white skin.

In this video, Coconut gets scrubbed down by her handler. The alligator begins just tolerating the attention but quickly turns into mush as she relaxes. Coconut closes her eyes and smile as she is brushed on her back, neck, and nose.

“Oooo, she likes it,” her handler says. She scrubs the top of Coconut’s head with a toothbrush. Then, she pours water over Coconut as part of her bath. Continuing to scrub, the handler seems to enjoy the bonding time just as much as Coconut. “Everybody loves a little bit of a scrub a dub dubbers,” she says.

Coconut certainly seems to be enjoying her bath. She smiles a very toothy grin as she is scrubbed down.

Alligators in the Wild

White Animals - Albino Alligator
Albino alligators are rare, and particularly disadvantaged. Their unique color makes it difficult for them to blend in with their environment.


Alligators are native to the U.S. and China. Albino alligators are rare, especially in the wild where their unusual color makes it hard for them to blend into their natural habitat and hunt for food. They are also easy prey when they are young. Many albino alligators that grow to adulthood do so in captivity, like Coconut.

Alligators are reptiles and require water to maintain a safe body temperature and environment. They often live near water, as many homeowners with pools and small ponds in Florida will attest. As Coconut gets her bath and brush, the handler wets her back with water to help her stay comfortable. It also has the added effect of helping to loosen any dirt or debris that she is brushing off. This helps Coconut stay healthy.

The handler also holds Coconut at the base of her tail. Alligators can run fast and move quickly. Keeping Coconut in place ensures her safety as well as that of the other people nearby. Fortunately, Coconut doesn’t look like she wants to go anywhere as long as the brushes keep coming.

The Reptile Zoo works to bring awareness and education with animal encounters, parties, and videos like this one. They specialize in reptiles, including Coconut and other alligators, snakes, amphibians, and arachnids. They care for over 100 species.

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White Animals - Albino Alligator
An albino alligator resting on a rock. These white animals are vulnerable to predators as their white skin makes it difficult to camouflage themselves in their habitat.
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