Watch Daredevil Monkeys Hang from High Branches to Grab Some Fruit

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: June 13, 2023
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On a beautiful and windy day, a group of monkeys are swinging from tree to tree to find the food that they need for that day. They must climb to the highest branches to get the fruit other animals cannot reach. 

 One small monkey seen in the video below is on the furthest tree. Reaching the edge of the branch, he now realizes the fruits of his effort are in vain, as there is no food. Now, he must swing down and try another tree. 

The mischievous monkey on the closest tree sees the fruit he wants hanging at the bottom of the branch. The only problem is that the branch is bending about three feet down because of the monkey’s weight. 

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This is of no challenge to this little daredevil. He immediately turns over and climbs underneath the branch all the way to the tip. The entire branch begins giving way, almost like the monkey would fall off. 

The monkey on the furthest tree is seen looking over and realizing that he is on the wrong tree and needs to swing over to his friend, who found food.

The daredevil monkey finally reached the fruit he was reaching for at the bottom of the branch. Even with the tree swaying, the monkey is still hanging on. He holds onto the tree branch with his feet while his hands grip the fruit and takes a bite.

By this time, the other monkey has reached the same tree but on a more stable branch. He reaches down and grabs at his piece of fruit as well. Both monkeys cannot wait to eat it, so they remain on the tree branches and eat them there. 

What do monkeys eat?

Close up of a macaque monkey eating an orange
Monkeys have fingertips just like humans do.

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This modern primate will eat a varied diet. Although when we think of monkeys, our minds may automatically go to bananas, that isn’t the only food a monkey will consume. 

As omnivores, these monkeys will eat a healthy and balanced diet of things like eggs, seeds, fruits, and nuts. They will eat their fill to maintain their healthy diet and lifespan. 

While monkeys do not weigh the same, the amount they will eat differs between species. When we research how much a monkey can eat, we will see things like their ability to consume anywhere from 100 grams to five kilograms. However, the more accurate answer of how much they eat will vary on their size. 

Why do monkeys climb trees? 

Cute and Curious Spider Monkey Hanging from a Tree in the Jungle Rainforest in Quintana Roo in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula near Puerto Moreles in the Botanical Gardens Alfredo Barrera Marin
Monkeys often stay up in trees because most predators can’t get them there.

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Monkeys not only like to climb trees, but they often live in trees. Of course, this also depends on their species, but most monkeys call trees their home.

In addition to finding a home in a tree, they also find great food in trees. With their balanced diet, it is easy for them to find the fruit they need hanging from the trees they are in. Their opposable thumbs make their grip even easier as they swing from branch to branch.

This is why in the video below, the monkey could grip onto the branch and hang upside down while grabbing for the fruit and eating it. And he did all of that without falling!

Watch the full clip below!

The Featured Image

A brown Spider monkey stares into the distance next to the beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
spider monkey
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