Watch Diners Discover a Massive Snake in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: December 19, 2022
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This video starts with a caption right in the center that reads, “Snake at McDonald’s.” The person who posted it doesn’t want anyone to be confused about what they’re going to witness. You hear some chatter in the background as the camera pans to a drive-thru sign featuring a big cheeseburger with all the fixings. It’s appetizing, and you’d probably ask for fries with it. You wouldn’t, however, ask for a snake encounter.

Man hands fast food bag out the drive-thru window
Man hands McDonald’s fast food bag out the drive-thru window. You wouldn’t want to keep your window rolled down in this case though.


Next, the video cuts to two expert snake handlers approaching the area where the person is filming. They’re right in the drive-thru lane. They walk past the area where you order and approach some bushes. The first man leans down and as he does, you can spot the snake at the bottom of the screen.

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The man looks completely at ease as if it’s just another day on the job. Well, technically it is. But this snake is sizable. He grabs it with his bare hand as the other man peers over. The other man is holding a blue animal care bag. These bags have a triangular frame and a long detachable handle. They’re quite deep, which keeps the snake from peering out once inside.

The man who grabbed the snake went to the middle of its body. He uses his other hand to pull it out of the bushy area and at one point when the man’s back is to the camera and you don’t have a great view of the snake, they both have a short moment of panic. It seems the snake almost managed to wriggle away — or perhaps its head came too close to one of them.

The man moves his body back, his right hand close to the snake’s tail. He lends some understanding, saying he wouldn’t want to be disturbed in a situation like that either. Finally, you get a full view of the snake. It’s a carpet python. Luckily, these snakes are not venomous. This is probably why the man felt so comfortable approaching it without snake tongs.

The snake continues wriggling for a bit as the man holds it up and they both instruct it to get into the bag. As if obliging, the snake wriggles its head right into it. The two men laugh. The man with the bag casually grips the center of the bag with the snake at the very bottom. They laugh a bit more, casual as ever, and walk off just as the video ends.

Two expert snake handlers retrieve a carpet python just outside of a McDonalds location.

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Close up of carpet python with its tongue out
Pythons squeeze prey to stop their hearts.
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