Watch EMTs Come to the Rescue of a Man Trapped by a Shark’s Jaws

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 7, 2023

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When we imagine a shark bite, we tend to imagine the worst. Like a scene from the movie Jaws when someone’s leg has been bitten off, and they are bleeding to death. Of course, Hollywood has done their best to dramatize shark attacks every chance they get. Don’t get us wrong, shark attacks can be that serious, and they sure have been before. But not all shark bites are scary. 

In the case of the video shown below, we see a man who, for whatever reason, is holding a small shark in his arms. Typically when we think of sharks, we imagine large sharks. And there are many large sharks. However, not all sharks are big; some are very small, just like the one seen here. 

With no backstory, we would naturally assume the reason he is holding this shark is because it got washed up on shore. And as we know, sharks don’t have legs to walk, so the kind samaritan was most likely striving to throw it back into the ocean. 

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However, as we can see, this shark has a good bite grip on his arm. There is already a crowd forming, with lifeguards from this beach there ready to assist. They want to carefully get this man’s arm detached from this shark as safely as possible. 

Throughout this whole interaction, we notice the shark is not becoming more aggressive. He just merely stays put. He probably feels that this bite on this man’s arm is the only leverage he has to ensure he isn’t harmed in any way. 

We quickly see actual EMTs arrive on the scene to see if they can assist this man in getting his arm out safely. We are incredibly impressed with how calm this man has remained this whole time. And we can take special note of this because it is dangerous to become nervous around an animal. Especially one that has already attacked. They could see it as a sign of further aggression. Even though, as a human, we may just be afraid, a shark wouldn’t be able to tell that.

What’s the Smallest Shark in the World?

Smallest sharks – dwarf lanternshark

The dwarf lantern shark eats krill.

©By Javontaevious – Took a photographPreviously published: Javontae Murphy@ Facebook, CC BY-SA 3.0, – License

The smallest shark in the world is the dwarf lantern shark. And as we can see from the picture above, this is a very small shark. It is only 8.3 inches in length. These small sharks live in Venezuela and Columbia. 

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