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Watch Excitement Turn to Fear When a 30-Ft Shark Approaches the Boat

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: April 15, 2023
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Key Points:

  • A 21-foot great white shark would exert a bite force of 4,000 psi – meaning a human wouldn’t have a chance if they suddenly became prey for the animal.
  • The shark in the video was estimated to be at least 30 feet long – fully capable of tipping the boat over to get to the people filming the shark.
  • The people in the video were obviously relieved to see the massive monster shark decide not to bother with the boat and swim away.

This vid would be hilarious if it wasn’t quite so scary. You can hear the exact moment when the occupants of this boat realize that a huge shark has joined them on their trip. They still try to sound excited but you can also sense the fear onboard! Luckily, this huge animal chooses to swim on by without causing them too many problems. But is it really a great white?

Great White Shark Teeth

great white shark
Great whites teeth are replaced constantly and one can use tens of thousands of them during the course of its life

©Sergey Uryadnikov/

Great white sharks are amazing to look at but once they open their mouths they are scary! They have around 300 serrated, triangular teeth that are used for preying very effectively on seals, sea lions, and dolphins. These sharks are very fast swimmers and use their torpedo-shaped bodies to rush at unsuspecting animals. However, they are also very good at leaping out of the water and stunning their target animal. Once the prey is clamped between the shark’s teeth there is no escape.

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Their teeth are arranged in rows and it is not a problem if they lose one because they are continuously replaced. This can happen quite often as the teeth are fixed into cartilage and not bone. A single shark can get through tens of thousands of teeth in its lifetime. They are razor-sharp and designed to tear flesh. Each of the great white’s teeth can grow to six inches in length.

Great White Shark stalks diver
Depending on its size, a great white may be capable of exerting a bite force of up to 4,000 psi

©Martin Prochazkacz/

Bite Force of the Great White

Sharp teeth are all very well but as a supreme predator, a great white has a phenomenal bite force to go with them. The exact force varies with the size of the shark so the larger sharks have the greatest bit force. No one has actually measured the bite force of the great white but scientists have modeled what it could be. They have concluded that a 21-foot great white shark would exert a bite force of 4,000 psi. This is about as big as a great white can grow. Most are around 15 feet long.

Is this shark actually a great white? If it is, it is very unlikely that it was actually 30 feet long as described in the vid. The sharks that do reach 30 feet are the basking sharks. However, the commentator on the video states “This is not a basking shark”. We don’t get a great view of this creature so that question will have to remain open.

Find out what happens in this video when this massive shark decides to approach seafarers filming it

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