Watch Fearless Divers Encounter the World’s Largest Great White Shark (Over 4,000 Lbs!)

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 14, 2023
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Ocean Ramsey is a skilled free diver in Hawaii. She works with an organization called One Ocean Diving. They study shark behavior and teach others how to avoid dangerous situations. The shark population continues to decline in the area and there is red tape preventing their conservation.

To keep their feet on the ground — or fins in the water — she and her team run a daily program off of Oahu. They keep it open to the public. Their goal is to teach the public how to avoid a shark bite. Plus, they get them informed on the current issues they’re facing with their conservation efforts.

Woman escape shark
Contrary to popular belief, great white sharks don’t consider humans food.

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Ramsey has worked all over the world with sharks, particularly in Guadalupe, Mexico, where she encountered “Deep Blue,” a huge great white shark. The one in this clip has similar markings and caught her by surprise because great whites are rare in Hawaii.

The video begins with a look at Ramsey as she swims above the great white shark. It’s approximately eight feet wide and 20 feet long. The shark swims slowly, approaching the person behind the camera so close you can see the detailed marking on its gills.

Ramsey refers to this great white as a “gentle giant.” It had swum up against their boat repeatedly before she took a dive to explore it further. For a moment, the shark’s body takes up the entire screen and it’s as if you’re looking at the moon with a pale blue glow.

Then comes a shockingly heartwarming moment. Ramsey extends her arm and gently holds its fin as she swims beside it. This moment gives you a completely different perspective of great whites, as they’re usually seen in terrifying encounters. The moments captured in the clip evoke serenity and reverence for the ocean’s creatures.

Ramsey, along with other members of her diving team, continues swimming along with the great white shark, filming as they gently pet the humongous shark. Toward the end of the video, it nudges heir boat again. Ramsey can’t get enough and returns, with a hand on its fin as two dolphins appear in the end.

You can tell she’s driven by her passion and multiple times throughout the video you read the words on her fins that read “save the ocean.” Through this encounter and her daily work, she is bringing the awareness these sea creatures need.

Join Ocean Ramsey, a free diver and conservationist, as she experiences a once-in-a-lifetime moment with a huge great white.

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