Watch Five Great White Sharks Circle a Terrified Diver and Manage to Break His Cage

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 8, 2023
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Cage diving with sharks is what you could call a niche pastime. It would not appeal to everyone but enthusiasts of the activity love it! However, there is no getting away from the fact that it can be hazardous. The person inside the cage is very dependent on both their equipment and their team on the surface to keep them safe. Here’s an illustration of what can happen when the cage malfunctions! Thankfully it has a happy ending.

Sharks Cage Door Breaks

Discovery UK had sent a diver down into the sea in a shark cage near Guadalupe, which is an island off the west coast of Mexico. They hoped to lure a massive shark in and capture some great footage. In a black diving suit and flippers, a diver probably looks very like a seal to a shark. This is important because great white sharks feed on seals!

The team is using a ghost cage which is completely clear and is made from plexiglass. This is a transparent petroleum-based thermoplastic that is strong and lightweight and has ahigher impact strength than glass which is crucial when you are dealing with huge sharks!

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Shark Cage Diving
Great whites are responsible for more attacks on humans than any other shark


The cage is very near the surface and the diver is using just a snorkel to breath. Before long, some large sharks start to circle the cage. There are at least five of them and they are all very interested in the diver! Suddenly, one lunges and breaks the door but somehow the diver pushes the shark’s nose back out without getting hurt!

A Close Call With Sharks

This was an extremely close call and shows just how careful you have to be around these magnificent creatures. Great whites are regarded as being the most aggressive sharks in the world and are responsible for the most attacks on humans.

For most of us, however, the chances of being attacked by a great white are still very low and fatalities from shark attacks are actually declining. This is quite amazing considering the number of people who enter the ocean for work and recreation. The most dangerous activity in terms of the risks of a shark attack is swimming/wading. This is followed by surfing/other board sports and snorkeling and diving. Hanging around for too long in a broken shark cage is probably not a great idea either!

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Great White Shark in pond
The great white shark is the largest predatory species of fish
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