Watch Hungry Lions Brave Dust Storms So They Don’t Lose Their Dinner

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: November 8, 2023
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Few things in the wild will cause lions or any predator to stay away from their prey. There may be cases such as other predators encroaching on their territory, a large animal coming in, or a herd of animals that disturb it. However, this video shows that a dust storm cannot stop these lions!

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Lion Sighting

The next YouTube video posted above takes us to Namibia, Africa. This video was filmed and shared by the Desert Lion Conservation. This page is dedicated to offering education and information on the desert lions of Namibia. They share a short description of what they do below.

“A small population of desert-adapted lions survives in extreme desert conditions; they exhibit unique adaptation to their environment and live in a harsh habitat of dunes, gravel plains, and barren mountains, and occasionally forage along the beaches of the Skeleton Coast.” 

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Lions Vs. Dust Storms

At the start of this video, we see three desert lions that are overlooking a dead carcass. We then see two of them go in and start to eat this large animal. The animal looks to be a giraffe, from what we can see. 

While they are eating, we see a large dust storm start to blow in. And while we might assume these lions would run for cover, these lions know better. The threat of this storm could move this animal away or destroy it to the point where they can’t eat it. They know they need to eat what they can before it gets too severe.

Are There Giraffes in Namibia?

South African giraffe

Giraffes can run up to 30 miles per hour.

©Stefan Scharf/

It’s amazing to think that animals can survive in the desert. And the southern giraffe is no different! The southern giraffe can reach up to 18 feet in height and weighs between 4,250 pounds for males and 2,600 pounds for females.

According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, “Giraffes are widely spread across Namibia, occurring in National Parks, and on private and communal land.” Lions are the natural predators of the giraffe. And with the giraffe being the tallest animal on earth, it is not easy to take down in any way. 

Most of the searches you will do to find giraffe takedowns by lions you will see it happen with multiple lions. It would be near impossible for a single lion to attempt to take down an animal four times its size, eight if it’s a male. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Johan Swanepoel/

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