Watch Insatiable Piranhas Gobble Up Chicken Wings in an Instant

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: June 21, 2023
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Piranhas are notorious for their voracious appetite and razor-sharp teeth. But how fast can they devour a set of chicken wings? A viral video shows the astonishing speed and ferocity of these fish as they’re feeding and feasting on everyone’s favorite Super Bowl Snack.

The video by a YouTube user with the name Feeding Battle shows a live piranha feeding in a tank. The video starts with the chicken wings being dropped into the water, where five or so massive piranhas swim. At first, the fish seem to ignore the food, but soon they start to take some testing bites. Then, they really begin to feed.

Amazon Black Piranha teeth
Piranhas have incredibly sharp teeth designed to tear into flesh.

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With a frenzy of splashing and snapping, the piranhas tear into the chicken wings like they were a college dorm room of boys being told that it was Unlimted Chicken-Wing Tuesday at B-Dubs. They expose the bone and bite into the meat, stripping it until pretty much nothing remains besides the bone itself. The piranha feeding process takes less than a minute.

The video is both fascinating and a little horrifying to watch, as it shows just how efficiently these fish are able to separate flesh from bone. If you ever plan on going into the Amazon, don’t confuse the fish with them thinking that your finger is a chicken wing! You might end up losing more than you bargained for.

Do Piranhas Attack Humans?

Piranhas are fish with sharp teeth that can strip the meat from bones. However, they usually only attack dead animals or wounded humans. Piranhas rarely attack humans, but the attacks can be fatal if they happen. To avoid being bitten, it’s best to avoid swimming where large schools of them live, especially if you are injured or bleeding. Additionally, feeding piranhas in the wild is probably a bad idea.

Check out the Piranha Feeding Video Below!

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