Watch Instant Chaos in Wyoming as a Dachshund and Friends Attack a Deer

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: April 17, 2023
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If you are looking for a masterclass on how badly wrong things can go when you find a deer in your driveway, this is probably it! Captured by a Ring doorbell camera, this footage shows the moment when a small deer is startled by the human owner of the house coming out of the door. The deer stumbles and looks as if it’s going to flee but hesitates for a few moments. That is long enough for the family dachshund and friends to decide that they are going to get involved – and things rapidly descend into chaos.

Dachshund vs Deer

The dachshund decides that it is going to deal with this imposter on the driveway. The problem is that the imposter has very sharp antlers and is quite happy to use them on little dogs that are annoying him.

In fairness to the clever little dachshund, it retreats underneath the family car and is therefore never in too much danger. Having short legs can be an advantage! However, the female dog owner loses the plot and weighs in, swinging her bag at the deer. The deer retaliates, pushes the woman onto her back, and continues to attack her using his antlers. Her loud shrieks alert her male companion who gallantly comes to the rescue! He grabs the deer by the antlers and drags it to the edge of the drive. Meanwhile, the dogs are stirred up into a frenzy and are yapping and jumping around. The woman continues to shriek at the top of her voice even though the deer is no longer anywhere near her!

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There is one point in the video where the deer looks quizzically at the woman as if it is totally confused by the noise she is making!


Dachshunds Protecting Their Home

There is one point in the video where the deer looks quizzically at the woman as if it is totally confused by the noise she is making! Finally, the man picks up one of the smaller dogs and walks behind the car. The deer stands still, unsure about what to do!

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers and foxes and would even trail wild boar so they had to be a plucky little dog that did not fear animals that were bigger than them. They are wary of strangers (especially four-legged ones with antlers) and are very protective of their families. We see this in practice in this clip. The little dachshund is convinced that it is his duty to protect the humans, but actually ends up making the situation much worse!

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