Watch Lucky Boaters Spot a Rare Pink Dolphin

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 19, 2023
© Ivan Sgualdini/
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You read that right. A pink dolphin! Already, dolphins are wondrous creatures to witness when out on the water but imagine spotting not just one but two incredibly rare pink dolphins while out boating. This is the Amazon River dolphin and you can find it in different places like Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Brazil, where the boaters were when they encountered the ones in the video.

The Amazon River dolphin lives in freshwater, and researchers believe there are tens of thousands of them. They are quite rare and considered a vulnerable population. In the video, you hear the familiar dolphin sounds in the background as well as the sound of the rushing water.

Pink dolphin in the water
The Amazon River dolphin is a pink dolphin that unlike other dolphins, enjoys a more solitary existence.


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The person who posted this video edited it perfectly to keep the clip short and intriguing. As soon as you hit ‘play,’ a pink dolphin is in the center of the screen. It’s not pale pink either. This dolphin is vibrantly pink! It also has some purple/blue colors on its body, close to its dorsal fin.

If you didn’t know these were real, you might wonder if you took a step into a parallel universe, where the dolphins resemble cotton candy. The pink dolphin bobs in and out of the water, and as your eyes are glued to the incredible sight, a second pink dolphin appears on screen, swimming alongside a grey dolphin.

They’re in a pod of three — the two pink dolphins and the single grey dolphin. At one point in the clip, you get to appreciate the color variation as the dolphin rises high above the water before diving back in. It’s almost like it knows someone is filming and is happy to give a full show.

Usually, pods can include 10 dolphins on the lower end, but they frequently travel by the hundreds. This is how they live — they’re able to hunt and keep one another safe from predators by traveling in large groups. However, the Amazon River dolphin is more solitary, usually only gathering with other dolphins when they have an interest in mating.

Traveling in pods is also helpful for sick or injured dolphins, as the pod keeps them safe. Generally, they’re social creatures, even if only one or two by their side. It’s no surprise they weren’t afraid of the boaters and simply swam alongside them to deliver a fabulous, one-of-a-kind performance.

Watch as cotton candy colored dolphins are spotted swimming next to these boaters!

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Pink River Dolphin Nose
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