Watch Mama Alligator Unleash Fury on Two Foolish Men Teasing Her Baby

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: November 10, 2023

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alligator with its mouth hanging open
© Deborah Ferrin/

Right at the start of this compilation (clip #30), we get to see what happens if you get in between a mother alligator and her baby. As the video at the bottom of this page shows, it really is not a great idea to wind up a Mom alligator by stealing her baby and putting it in a net! These guys may have planned on putting the baby back but the Mom alligator does not know that and she makes her feelings pretty clear!

Finding a Baby Alligator

baby alligator and mother

Mother alligators are protective of their babies!

©Marc Pletcher/

As we join the clip, which was filmed in central Florida, we see two men who are setting out to try to catch a baby alligator from a pond. One is filming and the other is carrying a large net. He approaches the water and manages to scoop up the baby alligator quite quickly. However, when he bends down to try to get it out of the net to show it to the camera, things start to go wrong.

Lurking in the dark water is a mother alligator who thrashes toward him making him drop the baby. She secures the infant in her mouth and heads back into the water. He initially runs away but then he stands near the pond trying to talk to the camera about what has just happened – which was another mistake because Mom Alligator has a point to prove. As he mimics the sound that the baby alligator made, she races toward him again. This time he gets the message, retrieves his bag, and leaves.

Alligators – Reproduction and Behavior

American Alligator swimming in the spring swamp
American alligators are responsible for at least 8 human bites a year.

The American alligator is found in several US states but Florida and Louisiana have the highest numbers. They are large reptiles with short stocky legs and can move surprisingly quickly. With powerful jaws and sharp teeth, they pose a threat to humans if they get too close. Records show that there are around eight unprovoked bites per year that are serious enough to require professional medical treatment. But would you describe this as unprovoked?

They breed during the spring and females build nests from mud, leaves, and twigs. In the nest, she will lay up to 50 eggs and here they will incubate for two months – with the mother standing guard. When the hatchlings emerge, they are between 15 and 20 inches long and are very vulnerable! It’s no wonder that their mother is so protective of them!

Is This Normal Behavior for a Mother Alligator?

Florida Everglades Alligator wild gator

Alligators live in the southeastern part of the United States.

©Ernie Hounshell/

Experts advise to never disturb small alligators or alligator nests. Why? Because some female alligators are very protective of their young and can become aggressive if they perceive a threat. Even if you spy a baby alligator that seems to be alone and appears to be cute or harmless, that doesn’t mean the mother is not nearby.

As the video proves, the man who captured the baby thought he wouldn’t get caught red-handed. But suddenly, the mother surprised him. Behavior alligators can exhibit when threatened is hissing, swimming toward you, lunging, and worst-case scenario–biting. He’s lucky to have escaped that encounter unharmed!

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