Watch Octopuses Ace Escape Room Challenges That Would Vex Humans

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 21, 2023

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Did you know that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to the octopus? We are so excited to have discovered Octolab TV where you can watch an octopus react to everyday objects. It’s a fascinating insight into the ways in which these amazing creatures make sense of their environment. This footage has already had over three million viewers. Ever wondered what is going through the minds of octopuses? You are about to find out!

These Octopuses Escape a Escape Room!

The Clever Octopus

We learn that octopuses are notorious escape artists. Rudy, the octopus in this video, is given four challenges – to escape from a metal cage. Each challenge is a little harder than the last one.

Octopuses are actually the smartest invertebrates on the planet with the highest brain-to-body mass ratio.

They have a staggering nine brains with a central brain that is wrapped around their esophagus (food pipe) and contains about 180 million neurons. They also have neurons in each of their eight arms which allows them to act autonomously – this allows their reactions to be super speedy.  However, the central brain is still in overall control and can give commands to the rest of the body.

Expert Escape Artists  

Rudy gives us a wonderful display of escape artistry at its finest! Level 1 is a door hidden behind some plants – Rudy achieves this in just 1 minute and 20 seconds. Level 2 is a narrow tube that it seems impossible for an octopus to tit through but he does! He uses the suckers on his arms to drag himself along very efficiently. Within 2 minutes and 21 seconds, he has made it out to freedom.

In level 3, the difficulty level is hotting up! Now, clever Rudy has to negotiate a bridge with shallow water in it. Obviously, octopuses need to be in the water to survive so he will have to judge whether he can safely move in such shallow water. The decision is made – and Rudy starts his journey across the bridge. It takes just 3 minutes and 54 seconds for him to get across.

The final challenge is mind-blowing. Rudy has to press a big red button to open a door and then has just 15 seconds to make it through before it shuts again. Amazingly, he works this out and takes just 6 minutes and 15 seconds to make it outside.

However you feel about octopuses, you cannot help but admire the intelligence of this outstanding creature.

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