Watch One Crocodile Bite Another’s Leg Clean Off

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: June 6, 2022
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A bask of crocodiles are enjoying the sun one afternoon when the clock strikes for a snack. At what appears to be a zoo, a bunch of people watch as the employee throws out a delicious bit of fish for the crocs to enjoy.

The morphological characteristics of a crocodile enable it to be an effective predator. They have a streamlined physique, which allows them to swim more quickly. Crocodiles typically curl their feet to the side when swimming, which reduces water resistance and allows them to swim faster.

Crocs have webbed feet that, while not utilized to push the animal through bodies of water, do allow them to make quick twists and rapid movements in the water, as well as to begin swimming. Crocodiles with webbed feet have an opportunity in shallower water, where they stroll around.

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While the visitors at the zoo believe they’re seeing these beasts eat some fish, one of the crocs has another idea in mind. When watching the video, pay attention to the crocodile on the bottom left side of your screen.

As another croc waddles by to get some of the scrumptious fish, one of his buddies grabs him by the foot and barrel rolls him. When a crocodylian latches onto a morsel and performs its best impersonation of a windmill, the behavior is the forceful and violent twisting that tears limbs from sockets and muscles from the bone.

The procedure is so interesting that the flashes of white teeth and scarlet innards are incredible to see, even if only for a brief minute. Its body smashes into the metal fence nearby after he’s done thrashing around.

The fence looks like it could use some reinforcements, as it’s bending around the creature’s giant body. He takes one big gulp and the crowd audibly gasps and they notice what they just witnessed.

The croc just ate off one of the other’s feet! The victim is sitting there calmly and looks at his cage-mate with a look of surprise – almost to say, “Did you really just do that?” Crocodiles eat predominantly vertebrates like fish, lizards, and mammals, although certain species also eat invertebrates like mollusks and crabs. Apparently, we can add “other crocodiles” to the list.

One commenter mentions, “For those who may worry about its injury this is more of an inconvenience but not a major issue. Crocodilians swim primarily with their tails and it still got the majority of its leg. The only worry would be if it gets infected, but other than that all it’ll do is make walking on dry land a little harder. But crocs often slide about on land rather than walk on all fours.”

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