Watch One Great White Photobomb Another in Outrageous Double Breach Video

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: July 22, 2022
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There are not just one but two spectacular great white sharks in this stunning video footage captured by fisherman Remo Sabatini in 2015 in Mossel Bay, South Africa. You get to see the ferocity of these magnificent sea creatures close up! Great Whites are the largest predatory fish on the planet and are apex predators so they do not have to fear any other creatures in the sea – apart from the most ambitious orca! They have cruised around the oceans of our planet for nearly 20 million years. Sadly, their numbers are now decreasing because their natural hunting habitats are under threat from human activity.

Adult great whites can grow to 15 feet in length and spend most of their time searching for food. They are perfect killing machines using speed, aggression, and very sharp teeth to surprise their prey and kill it before swallowing it whole. Sharks will eat a variety of animals including bony fish, seals, rays, squid, dolphins, and small whales.

great white shark leaping out of water
Breaching is a hunting tactic that leverages a great white’s impressive physical strength and size to stun a victim.


These sharks use breaching as a highly effective hunting tactic. They have excellent eyesight and can spot potential prey at some distance. Then, they use their powerful swimming muscles and streamline shape to sneak up on their unsuspecting victim. But the most impressive weapon is their ability to hurtle towards the surface as they are directly under their prey and breach the surface of the water. A breach is where they hurl themselves out of the water and stun their victim. A breaching great white is one of the most spectacular sights of the ocean. The shark uses their muscular tail to produce tremendous acceleration and once in the air, they perform a cartwheel because most of its weight is concentrated near its head.

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Sharks can achieve up to four seconds of hang time which considering that they can weigh up to 7,300 pounds is absolutely amazing! But it is still too short to be captured on video very often so we are lucky to see it in this video.

The truly amazing feature of this footage is that there are two great whites involved. Great white sharks are known as solitary hunters and you usually only see two together when mating or if there is a particularly tasty carcass that they both want a bite of. In this footage, one has taken the bait on the boat near the camera and gives us a close-up view of their deadly triangular, serrated teeth. Each tooth can grow to up to 6 cm in length.  As our attention is focused on the foreground, a second shark hurls itself out of the water and steals the limelight. In a feat of perfect synchronization, as the second shark slams back into the water, the first shark releases its ferocious grip on the bait and disappears beneath the surface of the water. It almost seems a little put out that its big moment has been photobombed by its pal!

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