Watch One Lucky Man Take a Magical Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: December 15, 2022
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Did you know algae and fungi make for a nutritious meal? For reindeer, that is. That’s the first fact you learn at the start of this video. It’s a peaceful shot of a reindeer munching on this mix on the snow-covered ground. The sun sets just after 2 PM on this particular day in Finland, and the narrator, Gordon, is excited to try out some new camera equipment.

He’s there for the Northern Lights, but there’s plenty more to this journey that makes it even more magical. As the video continues, you see a shot of more reindeer as Gordon makes his way into their enclosure, carrying his equipment. He calls them the perfect subjects for testing his new camera.

Reindeer looks off to the right with a snowy background

Reindeer with pointed antlers examines a snowy landscape.

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He’s bundled up from head to toe in the snowy weather. He shares that he’s using one of the most light-sensitive cameras in the world. You get to see what he’s looking at and the images are breathtaking under the blueish moonlight. He’s hoping the camera can capture the richness of color when he eventually films the Northern Lights.

He keeps filming the reindeer, at one point laying down on the snow to get some close-up shots of the reindeer as they sniff his camera. The next day, it’s daylight. Gordon is about to learn to ride a sleigh. He picks out the friendliest reindeer, but the expert suggests a younger reindeer that is both bigger and stronger.

Gordon says it’s got an aggressive part of the antlers, and it makes him uneasy. But he respects the expertise of his guide. They get ready to ride on a frozen lake. Gordon settles in on the sleigh with the single reindeer ahead of him. He struggles to get the reindeer to respond to his requests to get going.

Finally, the reindeer takes the cue and starts trekking along behind Gordon’s guide, who is on another sleigh behind another reindeer. You get an aerial view of the two of them, which allows you to better enjoy the magical experience. They’ve developed a rhythm as they continue along a straight path on the snow. He keeps the reindeer going with a gentle tap of the rope he’s holding.

When conditions are right, reindeer can cover more than 50 kilometers in a single day. As the video comes to an end, Gordon is ecstatic, enjoying his ride through this winter wonderland.

Follow along with Gordon from BBC Earth as he learns to ride a sleigh in a winter wonderland.

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