Watch Panic Ensue When a 20-Ft Snake Drops Out of a Restaurant’s Ceiling

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: December 7, 2022
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This is not exactly what you want to see on a trip to the restaurant. Visitors to this Hong Kong restaurant got a lot more than they bargained for when a giant 20-foot snake dropped from the ceiling. It looks as if no humans or snakes were harmed – and that the reptile was being retrieved by some experts. This was probably following reports of the huge snake in the space above the ceiling tiles.

Signs of Snakes in Houses

Reports of snakes in houses and commercial properties are not as rare as you may think. Snakes play a vital role in ecosystems and food chains but that does not necessarily mean that you want one in your roof space. If you suspect that you have a snake in your building, there are two potential explanations.

Firstly, it could be an escaped pet. Not all snake owners are responsible and they do not all keep them in suitable enclosures which leads to escapes. Others realize that they are not able to look after the snake any longer and simply release them.

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Secondly, it could be a native species that has simply decided to take advantage of the shelter and food that your building offers. You are most likely to find snakes hidden away in basements, air shafts or above ceilings. If possible, snakes would prefer to avoid human contact.

Some snakes shed their skin so you may find a dry and scaly sheet that looks like a crumpled heap of very fine paper somewhere in the building. You may also find slither tracks through dusty areas. Some snakes have a distinctive smell and you may even hear them moving around. With a snake as huge as the one in this video, they probably heard it and saw the ceiling tiles sagging under the weight.

Snake on a toilet
Some pet snakes escape and others are released

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Giant Snakes

We have some very large snakes on our planet. This individual was around 15-20 feet in length. This puts them in a similar league to the African rock python which can weigh over 200 pounds and reach 25 feet in length. They are found in central and western Africa and have two lungs.

Then there is the amethystine python (scrub python) that is found in Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, and has been known to grow up to 25 feet long. And there is the green anaconda that is native to South America and there are reports that it has reached over 25 feet! We hope that the snake in this vid found a more suitable home!

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Close up of ball python
Snakes hide out in basements and above ceilings
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