Watch Racing Salukis Prepare to Leave Orbit in Insanely Fast Chase

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: October 4, 2022
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In Africa and Asia, gazelles are elegant, lean antelopes. They belong to the same group as goats, cattle, and sheep. Many say that gazelles resemble deer. They are more nimble and better able to flee from predators because of their lightweight frames. To get away from predators, gazelles depend on their speed. 

They are capable of sustained speeds of 30 to 40 mph and short bursts of up to 60 miles per hour. When sprinting, gazelles perform a bounding leap known as “pronking” or “stotting,” in which all four feet are stiffly propelled into the air.

On the flat terrain of Saudi Arabia, one of these graceful animals can be seen sprinting alongside a moving vehicle. Judging by the speed of the gazelle, it’s bolting away from a predator. 

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It’s not uncommon for people to hunt gazelles using a dog breed called Saluki. One of the oldest dog breeds still in existence is the Saluki. The Saluki is well documented in archaeological finds that go back at least 5,000 years. Slender dogs with feathery ears, tails, and legs have been depicted on a variety of Middle Eastern objects, including mosaic sculptures and tomb paintings.

As a vehicle attempts to deter the gazelle in the video, we see three of the beloved dogs sprinting towards the wild animal. This breed of dog is the epitome of grace and speed, fully deserving of the moniker “The Noble,” given to him by his Arab breeders. 

The first Salukis landed in England in 1840, marking the beginning of the Saluki’s arrival in the West. The popularity of the Saluki may have grown due to the era’s interest in Ancient Egypt.

The Saluki’s long, narrow head and sleek, muscular body are clear indications that he was bred for speed, strength, and endurance. They are incredible hunting dogs and running as they do in this video is a must to keep them in shape. 

The Power of the Canine

Eventually, the long chase comes to an end with the three canines catching up to the gazelle. The dogs get it to the ground and hold on to its legs and neck to overpower it. A comment under the video says what we’re all thinking, 

“I feel so sorry for the gazelle, but this is so impressive. Animals are amazing. The stamina of both gazelle and Saluki is absolutely breathtaking!” 

The Saluki is a well-liked pet today, but they also perform exceptionally well in agility and other canine sports like obedience and lure hunting. Adult Salukis have a generally serene and respectable demeanor. The Saluki can be distant and is not an especially affectionate dog, despite the fact that they are frequently fairly docile animals. They are pretty active as well. The Saluki has a strong innate hunting instinct and will pursue just about anything that moves! 

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