Watch Rafters Defend Against a Crocodile Attack in Dangerous Rapids!

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: August 9, 2022
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Imagine there’s a place where problem crocodiles are released and where there is the highest concentration of hippos. Does it sound like somewhere you’d like to visit? On the water? In a kayak?

This such place is a certain section of the White Nile, the Murchison section in Uganda. It sounds pretty dangerous, and well, it is. Anyone with a desire to preserve their life may consider a visit to this section of the White Nile unnecessary. For others, it presents a challenge and an adventure.

Surprisingly, river rafters are lured in by a gorgeous rapid called Supernova. They paddle downstream on single kayaks. Sometimes, these kayakers run the section without a raft. However, other groups choose to bring a raft on their trip because they know they may need it to huddle together on. Ultimately, if a hippo or a croc starts to charge one of the kayakers, they can come together onto the raft and help to ward off those massive beasts.

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Nevertheless, a raft is not a guaranteed survival tool. You have to be able to sprint over onto the raft to try and get into a big rapid before either a croc or a hippo catches up. For those who love adventure and can’t get enough adrenaline, that might sound appealing. For most, the idea alone sends a chill down their spine.

Crocodile Charges on the White Nile River in Uganda

This video starts after the kayaker manages to turn on his GoPro. Initially, he spotted a croc over his shoulder that immediately started accelerating through the water toward him. He knew he was close enough to the raft to sprint toward it, but he also recognized he was in serious danger.

Luckily, he manages to make it onto the raft, and the GoPro video starts with several kayakers huddled on the raft, using their paddles to defend themselves against the croc. They keep splashing into the water, trying to get the croc to retreat. At one point, it seems like they have succeeded as they search around their raft. Suddenly, the croc emerges again right next to the raft with its head coming up a few feet above the water.

They keep slamming their paddles down onto it, and you can spot the moment when a kayaker loses his paddle in the battle with the croc. After the pressing danger has passed, the men remark on the size of the croc and let out sighs of relief. As the video ends, you see how the man is released back into the rapids on his kayak from the raft.

Despite getting back out there only moments after a serious threat, he says his desire to return one day to that section has completely disappeared. We don’t blame him!

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