Watch Heart-Pumping Raw Video of an Irate Alligator Giving a Lesson in Personal Space

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Written by Colby Maxwell

Updated: November 4, 2023

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Alligator Warning sign posted in a lake
Concepcion Gonzalez/

Alligators are known for being animals that people should probably give a wide berth to. They are most active at night and prefer to hunt in the water, where they can ambush their prey, something that anyone wandering too close to shore should be aware of. But sometimes, they don’t appreciate disturbances by curious humans who want to film them.

That’s precisely what happened in this viral video (check it out below) when a man tried to get some footage of an alligator in an algae-covered pond. He set up a tripod near the water’s edge and started recording, seemingly cosplaying as a wildlife photographer. But soon, the alligator noticed his presence and decided to give him a scare.

The video shows the alligator suddenly rushing out of the water and knocking down the tripod. The man immediately gives up his dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer extraordinaire and totally dips! The alligator then stops and looks around, seemingly satisfied with its attack.

Alligator swimming through clear waters

Alligators can be nearly invisible when lying within certain habitats, especially algae-covered ponds!

Eventually, the man has to return to his equipment and try to salvage his camera. The alligator, however, is still watching him and doesn’t like his approach. In a hilarious repeat, the alligator does the entire thing again and chases the man off a second time!

Finally, the alligator seems to lose interest and returns to its comfort in the pond. The man is left shaken but unharmed by the encounter. That day, he learned a valuable lesson: don’t mess with an alligator’s personal space!

Are Alligators Aggressive?

Florida Everglades Alligator wild gator

Alligators can be aggressive when provoked or threatened so it is best to stay away from their habitats.

Alligators are powerful and territorial animals that can be aggressive when provoked or threatened. They aren’t usually interested in humans as food, but they may attack if they feel their space is invaded or their young are in danger (or haven’t yet signed a contract to film).

To avoid interactions with alligators, it is best to stay away from their habitats and keep a safe distance from them. If you encounter an alligator, do not approach it or feed it. Back away slowly and leave it alone, or you could end up in a video, as you can see below!

How Large Can Alligators Get?

Alligator okefenokee swamp

The American alligator was once an endangered species.

Female alligators are usually 10 feet in length, while males can become significantly larger. The longest recorded alligator in Florida was a male measuring 14 feet 3.5 inches from Lake Washington in Brevard County.

The biggest one on record was a male weighing 1,043 pounds and measuring 13 feet 10.5 inches long, found in Orange Lake in Alachua County.

The biggest alligator ever measured was 19 feet 2 inches long, and the biggest one found near Gainesville, Florida, weighed 1,043 lbs. However, it’s important to note that such large and heavy alligators are rare occurrences.

Is it Normal Behavior For Alligators to Attack Humans?

Feeding alligators is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Feeding alligators is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Alligators are generally not aggressive toward humans as they have a natural fear of them and attacks are rather rare. However, there are certain areas and times when they are more likely to occur. Most alligator attacks on humans are the result of the animal feeling threatened or provoked, such as when humans encroach on their territory or attempt to feed them. Food is the major reason for attacks, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

As the video will show, alligator aggression is also most likely to occur in or around water. They will usually lunge, hiss and open their mouths to frighten intruders but rarely bite people. In instances where people have been bitten or killed, they have wandered too close to areas of water and have either not been paying attention or have ignored the warning signs. Pay attention to your surroundings and always heed the warning.

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