Watch Stunned Monkeys React to These Hilarious Magic Tricks

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 6, 2023
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This next video is a compilation of surprised monkeys getting an up close and personal look at magicians as they display their jaw-dropping skills. The first clip is of an uninterested baboon on the other side of the glass as a young boy makes an attempt to impress it.

To add insult to injury, it yawns. A man behind the camera says, “Aw, you’re boring it,” as he pokes fun at the boy. The boy finally gets the monkey’s attention, and it opens its mouth, leans forward, and places its hand on the glass.

In the next clip, a man holds up some cards as the monkey pays close attention. Then, he makes them disappear. The monkey leans forward, its mouth agape, and stares at the man in disbelief. The man makes the cards appear again and the monkey slaps its hand against the glass as if trying to grab them.

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In another clip, a man hides something in a cup with a lid, then shakes it up in front of the monkey. He discreetly opens the cup, letting what was in it out onto the floor just beneath the monkey’s eye line. Then, he places the cup on the windowsill. The monkey keeps its eyes glued to the cup.

Macaque monkey holding a sweet potato.
Monkeys are incredibly curious creatures, keeping their gaze on objects as they learn more.


The man opens the cup, revealing there’s nothing inside, and the monkey looks in. It pauses for a moment then grabs its foot and starts laughing so hard, it falls backward. In the next video, a man is standing in front of a large orangutan behind glass — he’s preparing a mesmerizing card trick.

He shuffles some cards, selects one, then presses it against the glass. Then, he removes his hands, and the card remains on the glass. He keeps the interest of the orangutan and finally, it notices that the card is now on its side of the glass. It picks it up gently, then taps it with a stick, as if to mimic the abracadabra motion.

The rest of the video captures a fun interaction between a man and a monkey. The magician starts by first making peanuts disappear. Then, he makes a small phone-like toy appear from an image on his iPad. He places it up against the monkey’s ear and the monkey listens intently to the message.

The man continues using the iPad for the rest of his magic tricks. At one point, he pours milk into it. In another instance, he makes peanuts appear again. The monkey is delighted!

Watch several magicians mesmerize these curious monkeys!

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