Watch the Clash of the Kings of the Jungle in The Most Intense Fight Ever

Lion Bloody After Fighting Male Lion
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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: October 29, 2023

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When we think of epic fights in the wild, it’s normal for us to think about opposite animals fighting. So perhaps a lion and a rhino or a hippo and a buffalo. However, nine times out of ten, the intense fighting is between the same animal. The most intense fights we see are between two male lions or between two male hippos. Let’s watch an epic clash of kings in the video below!

Watch the Intense Lion Fight Below!

Lion Sighting in Africa

This next video comes from Africa, where we see two lions going at it in the clash of kings. This video was filmed and shared on the Lion Fight YouTube channel. He shares the beauty of nature and intense lion fights. Read the short snippets he writes about what happened below. 

“Two lions in Africa fight over who will be the one to mate with a fertile female. One lion loses and ends up with a bloody nose. Female lions try to intervene in the fight.”

Clash of Kings in Intense Fight

At the start of this video posted at the top, we see the end fight that ends like a dramatic scene out of a Hollywood movie. However, let’s back up to what brought this fight on. If we skip to 1:15, we see that a group of lionesses are lying down in the grass with a male lion nearby. Suddenly, a second male lion has come leaping in. 

The males have smelled the scent of a female that is fertile and ready to mate. And they are willing to quite literally fight to the blood or death in some cases for this right. Lionesses that are in heat are normally not longer than a week. So, the males know they have a very small window to mate with her. 

Ntanda Ventures in South Africa state, “When she does go into heat, however, males from all around will know and compete for the chance to reproduce with her.” 

This intense fight ends with a male lion walking away bloody. There is a clear victor who roars for all to hear that he won this fight. 

Do Lions Mate With Multiple Partners?

Lions mating deep in the jungle

Lions typically breed one to two times a year.


Where most people mate with one person at a time, animals are often very different. The male lion will mate with multiple females in his lifetime. There are even some who suggest male lions will mate with every lioness in their pride. 

In addition to males mating with multiple females, there are studies to suggest females will do the same. According to The American Naturalist on lionesses states that “There is growing evidence, however, that many females do copulate with several males, potentially resulting in offspring with a single brood or litter sired by several males.” 

This clash of kings in the video posted above is one of dominance. The display shows who is the boss and who has the right as the ultimate king.

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