Watch The Incredible Way This Snake Climbs STRAIGHT UP a Tree

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: May 26, 2022
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The Amethystine python is a nonvenomous snake species. It’s a popular reptile that is popular for its colors and size. This type of snake is one of the world’s six largest snakes in terms of length or weight. You’ll find that this scaly critter is also the largest native snake in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

When you picture a snake, you likely imagine it slithering around the forest floor looking for a bite to eat. Young pythons spend most of their time in trees. You’ll find that adults are more grounded and devote the majority of their time to the ground.

ContentMint uploaded an incredible video of an Amethystine python climbing up the tree. You can see this snake using the concertina climbing method of vertical locomotion. In the video, you’ll watch it effortlessly make its way from the ground up to the base of the tree. This instinctive highly effective and coordinated method of movement has been observed in a number of snake species. It’s found particularly in those having the musculature of species that constrict their prey.

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As it wraps its tail around the tree, you truly see how huge these snakes are. It stretches the rest of its body moving vertically. This type of snake ranges from six to 12 feet in length! It’s mesmerizing to see how naturally and quickly the amethystine python climbs. The way their body moves brings back memories of climbing rope in gym class.

Amethystine pythons are predators who patiently wait for their prey. They usually stay stationary in a disguised posture before striking fast at passing animals, killing them via constriction. They can weigh up to 33 pounds, making it nearly impossible for prey to escape their grasp. With much of their diet consisting of birds and bats, there’s no wonder why they make their way to the top of trees.

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