Watch the ‘King of the Jungle’ Crash a Wild Dog Family Dinner and Steal Their Prey!

Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: May 9, 2023
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Lions don’t have the nickname “King of the Jungle” for no reason! Check out the clip below and see a massive male lion scare away a group of wild dogs to steal their prey and get a free meal.

Wild dogs are known for their hunting prowess and cooperative skills. They can take down prey much larger than themselves and then share the spoils among their pack members. But sometimes, even the best hunters can lose their hard-earned meal to a bigger and stronger predator.

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Male lions are some of the largest predators in the world and are known to scare off smaller predators to get a free meal.


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That’s what happened in this viral video captured by Tekweni Media, a South African production company. The footage shows a large pack of wild dogs feasting on a carcass near a river bank. The dogs seem to be enjoying their dinner, unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

A massive male lion is hiding behind some bushes, watching the dogs with hungry eyes. He waits for the right moment to make his move and claim the main course for himself. He slowly creeps closer to the dogs, keeping to the edge of the bushes.

The dogs have incredible senses and they soon realize they are being watched. As soon as they hear movement and see the grass moving, they know they are in some serious danger. Within moments they quickly abandon their kill and run away from the lion. He walks over to the kill and starts tearing into his free meal while the dogs scamper off. The king of the jungle, a massive lion, just stole the dogs’ prey!

The Kings of Stealing Meals

Although lions are often depicted as the top predators, they have no qualms about stealing prey from a lesser predator that has already done the work for them. The video shows a perfect example of that kind of behavior and a harsh reality for animals in the wild. If the dogs had tried to defend their kill, the lion could have easily killed half of the pack.

Wild dogs are particularly vulnerable to competition from other carnivores, such as lions, hyenas, and leopards. Wild dogs have a complex social structure and communicate with each other through sounds and gestures, and are highly intelligent and adaptable animals. That being said, they just aren’t large enough to really compete with a male lion.

Check Out the Video Below!

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Lions can be extremely quiet while hunting.

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