Watch the World’s Bravest Dog Chase Away a Polar Bear

Close up of a polar bear's face
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Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Updated: October 18, 2023

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Polar bears are some of the world’s most majestic and interesting creatures. They are also one of the biggest.

That was no match for a brave dog who intervened to keep his people safe.

The video begins with a man videoing a polar bear as it comes near. He reaches out a hand to let the bear sniff him. Fortunately, the bear does just that and seems more inclined to keep its distance.

We do not recommend letting a polar bear sniff your hand, no matter how cute they look.

The bear continues to explore. He sniffs at the wooden structures nearby. He steps onto a platform and looks around. All through this, the man watches and records this amazing animal.

With his black snout turned up to smell, the polar bear lifts his front paws and places them on the wooden wall. The man, now standing above the bear and behind the structure, reacts with amazement at how close he is to this wild animal.

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Dog on Watch

The watchful dog, however, isn’t as big of a fan of the polar bear. He comes running across the yard. Weaving through barrels and wooden boards, the dog barks at the bear. The polar bear runs off, back into his wild home.

Great job, watchdog. While not an extremely large polar bear, the dog was still undaunted by the animal that was still much bigger than it.

Polar bears live in the Arctic. Their fur is white, helping them blend into the snowy and icy surroundings. This polar bear was easy to spot in the dark green and brown foliage of the Arctic island. Located in Greenland, this station is situated among the polar bear’s natural habitat.

The dog on patrol reacted quickly to the animal.

Once the bear began its loping runaway, the dog returned back toward the man videoing the encounter. Its tail wagging, it’s clear that the dog is expecting a well-deserved “Good boy!” for his brave efforts.

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