Watch the World’s Sneakiest Leopard Launch the Quietest Attack You’ll Ever See

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 21, 2023
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This is a stealth attack using the highest-level skills. A sneaky leopard, perfectly camouflaged within the shadows of a tree, silently approaches an unsuspecting antelope. Suddenly, the predator bounds forward, and…it’s all over in an instant. Scroll down to watch the full video of this magnificent predator in action. What Do Leopards Normally Look Like?

Leopards are a large and powerful species of wild cat. Their scientific name is Panthera pardus and there are actually several subspecies. These include P. p. fusca who live in China and P. p. kotiya who live in Sri Lanka.

Adult male leopards can weigh nearly 200 pounds and can be over six feet long. Females are between 62 and 132 pounds but can reach the same length as males.

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Their body shape is characterized by strong limbs with robust forequarters and more slender hindquarters. Their coat can vary slightly by where they live. In general, those that live in forests have darker coats compared to leopards living in arid, open habitats which are paler. This is so that they can blend in with their surroundings.


Leopards have a distinctive ‘rosette’ pattern of spots


Their markings are distinctive and consist of a pale cream to buff-gray background color. However, this can also be darker. The background color graduates to a lighter shade towards the chest, belly, throat, and underside of the tail. A leopard’s spots are small and black and arranged in a ‘rosette pattern’ around an unspotted center that is darker than the background color. However, on the limbs, throat, and tail they are simply solid, large spots. The face and neck have small, solid, black spots.

Is This Normal Hunting Behavior for Leopards?

Yes, leopards are solitary hunters who use a stalk or ambush technique of hunting. What you see here is typical of the way a leopard stalks their prey by crouching close to the ground with their belly practically on the grass. The eyes and ears are focused on the prey and they get to about 16 feet away before making a move.

They like short chases, just like this one, and pounce on the target to drag it to the ground. Usually, they will kill an animal of this size with a bite to the neck. Sadly, it’s game over for this antelope!

Watch the Fascinating Video Below!

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