Watch The World’s Strongest Men Try and Catch The World’s Strongest Fish

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 26, 2023
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If you are a fan of strength, fitness and fishing – you will love this one! We join Joshua Jorgensen, host of the fishing channel BlacktipH, as he compares a fishing competition with a difference. He has invited JujiMufu (who is described as a fitness freak and social media celebrity) and Devon Larratt (who is ex-special forces World Arm Wrestling Champion) for a day at sea. With them is Layne Norton who is a World Champion powerlifter and a fitness expert. The goal is to catch some huge Goliath groupers and to do that using stand-up tackle only.

Types of rare fish - Giant Sea Bass
Goliath groupers can weigh hundreds of pounds

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Catching Monster Goliath Groupers

In this ‘strongest men vs strongest fish’ epic battle, the rules are pretty clear. The biggest fish wins but the rods must never touch the gunnel rail. If they do, the competitor gets a strike and if they get three strikes they are out! That means they need the strength to support the rod above the gunnel – whilst there is a huge fish at the end of it struggling to get free!

The tension builds as the equipment is prepared and the safety briefing is given – even the bait is huge! When fishing, each man needs a ‘spotter’ behind him to stop him from being dragged into the sea.

Groupers belong to the Serranidae family of fish. They can grow to eight feet long and it is thought they can reach 800 pounds. Their mouth is huge and their eyes are set up high on their head. The largest groupers are the Goliath groupers and because of their size and strength they are notoriously hard to catch!

Landing a Monster Goliath Grouper

It would be fair to say that there are some epic battles in this video. Despite their undoubted strength, the men in this vid are tested to the limit by the fish. There is a lot of shouting and leaning over the side of the boat as they struggle to keep hold of the rods.

It’s exhausting to watch and the size of some of the fish that they catch is incredible. The host describes it as one of the most intense fishing experiences he has ever had!

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