Watch These African Wild Dogs Take Wild To a Whole New Level

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: December 25, 2023
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We get many joys from seeing wild animals on camera, at the zoo, or on an African safari. However, to truly appreciate the wild animal kingdom, it’s to understand that hunting for food is a natural part of their life. Let’s dive into the video below that shows the intensity of what a hunt is like for this pack of African wild dogs.

Viewer discretion is advised: The video below contains the content of a vicious hunt that results in an animal being devoured alive. Video may not be suitable for young viewers or those sensitive to violence. 

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African Wild Dogs Hunting

The Instagram reel posted in the section above shares footage of a pack of African wild dogs hunting for food. The Into the Wyld Instagram page shares this video with their 170,000+ followers. This page is dedicated to showing the brutality of the animal kingdom. And what does it take for predators to survive in the wild? 

Wild Dogs Ravaging Impala 

As the video starts, four African wild dogs already have a small impala on their radar and are hunting it down. These dogs don’t want to spook this antelope. They like to keep their hunts short and sweet. The University of New South Wales states, “For the first time, we have shown that wild dogs achieve hunting success through short high-speed runs, rather than long-distance pack hunts portrayed in wildlife documentaries about the animals.” 

This impala did not stand a chance at the water’s edge. In a single moment, the pack of wild dogs takes off and grabs the impala before it even knows what hit it. The dogs ruthlessly begin to rip it apart while it’s still alive. 

How Big of Animals Can African Wild Dogs Take Down?

African Wild Dog feeding on a carcass

Wild dogs are not typically scavengers like hyenas are.

©Heather McCann/

African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) are small animals living in packs. According to the African Wildlife Federation, these packs can reach up to 100 members, although 7-15 is usually the typical number. These packs will hunt together to bring down larger prey successfully.

The Denver Zoo points out that “Hunting in a pack requires cooperation among pack members, this enables wild dogs to bring down animals five times their size. “ This larger prey will be animals such as adult wildebeest and antelopes. 

When we see footage of wild dogs, they are typically together in a pack but can hunt alone. Wild dogs can take down smaller prey, such as rats, birds, or even young wildebeests. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © bayazed/

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