Watch These Huge Mountain Goats Fearlessly Leap And Clear A Gaping Gorge

Baby Mountain Goat
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Written by Colby Maxwell

Updated: October 18, 2023

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If you think you have seen some impressive stunts, wait until you watch this viral video of mountain goats crossing over a massive gorge in the mountains.

Check Out The Incredible Video Below!

One small leap for mountain goats.

In the video, which has over seven million views, you can see a group of mountain goats walking up to a huge gap between two cliffs. Without hesitating, they launch themselves into the air and clear the gorge like it is just another weekday, not a death-defying physical feat. After the adults jump, it looks like even some juvenile goats take the leap, showing how incredibly evolved these creatures are for this terrain. They are born with the ability to climb rocks within one or two days of birth, so although we don’t know how old the young goats are, they have been experts at rock climbing within hours of their birth!

Baby Mountain Goat

The North American mountain goat, which many Americans may be familiar with, is not considered a “true goat” at all; it’s more closely related to the antelope in a separate genus.

As an important note, while the video has “mountain goats” in the title and description, it is possible that the video shows some other species of goat or antelope-goat. However, it’s pretty hard to tell with how the sun is backlighting and casts the animals in shadows. Regardless, it’s a spectacular sight to witness these mountain goats crossing such a high peak.

Understanding Mountain Goats

Mountain goats only live in North America, mainly in the Rockies and Cascades. They are the largest mammals in their high-altitude habitats and don’t have many predators, namely mountain lions, and bears. They are also very aggressive and will fight other goats or humans for their territory and food. So, while you may admire their amazing skills from a distance, do not get too close, or you may end up on the wrong side of their sharp horns.

Rocky Mountain Goat

Mountain goats only live in North America, but there are other similar species, including the Yemen mountain goat and the booted mountain goat.

These animals are not true goats (from a scientific category perspective. Instead, they are goat-antelopes who adapt to live in alpine and subalpine environments, sometimes above 13,000 feet. They have cloven hooves with two toes that spread wide to improve balance and rough pads that provide grip on rocky surfaces. They can jump up to 12 feet in a single bound!

This stunning video of mountain goats crossing the gorge showcases the incredible abilities of these remarkable animals! Watch it below. These fearless animals that can jump over anything will amaze you!

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