Watch This American Tourist Play It Cool When a Kangaroo Attacks

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Man vs. animal can sometimes be a very dangerous fight. We love to get as close to animals as possible. After all, it is in most people’s nature to have a love for other animals. However, sometimes, animals will lash out for no reason. We will admit that is rare. Most animals in the wild will not just randomly pick a fight with a human for no reason at all. There are usually very specific reasons, such as territory, mating, or food. 

However, in this short YouTube clip shown below, we see a kangaroo pick a fight with a man for seemingly no reason at all. Channel 10 News First caught wind of this comical fight and posted it on their YouTube page. 

Kangaroo Vs. Man

This American tourist is likely in Australia, where he has an animal exhibit that houses kangaroos. At the start of this short video, we see this kangaroo is up on his hind legs and is taking full swings at this man! The man tries to walk away; however, this kangaroo is not convinced this fight is over. He comes at the man, and to stop the kangaroo from hitting him, he lifts his leg to stop him. 

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As the kangaroo continues, we see the man put his hand around the kangaroo’s long neck and drive him back. However, if anything, this made the kangaroo go at it even more. A second person, a teenager from appearances, comes up and tries to help this man by getting this kangaroo to back down. After all, if this were a full-fledged fight, who do you think would win?

Why Are Kangaroos So Buff?

Muscular male kangaroo

Kangaroos can run up to 35 miles per hour.

©Katarina Christenson/

We will bet that you have seen some wild pictures with large kangaroos. And this is because kangaroos can get very large. Kangaroos can weigh anywhere from 40-200 pounds. Not only can these animals outweigh a full-grown human, but they can also reach up to seven feet tall! 

According to Animals Research, they have this to say about kangaroos’ muscles. Kangaroos “genetics also play an important role in those big muscles – muscle constitutes 50% of their total body mass!”

These muscles also give them the ability to hop, punch, and kick. And these are what kangaroos are known for! It is said that kangaroos can hop up to 30 feet! They are also able to have a punch force of 275 pounds

It is no wonder that this man was doing his absolute best to stay back from this kangaroo and not engage. 

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

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