Watch This Baby Rhino Gallop Up a Road, Rehearsing His Rhinoceros Rodeo!

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 8, 2023
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Whether you’re having a bad day, stuck in a boring meeting, or just love adorable animals, this video is sure to put a smile on your face. People have been sharing footage of baby animals being cute for years, and this baby rhino is no exception. 

Although you can and should watch the video below, let’s lay the groundwork. A baby rhino can be seen running down a dirt road. Its ears are bouncing as it kicks up gravel with its impressive speed.

The top comment on the video says, “Excuse me? How have I never seen a baby rhino? This is my new favorite animal!”

Baby rhinos look unique before their horn grows in.

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A baby rhino is called a calf. As the youngster continues to have the zoomies, we suddenly see its mother appear. The adult rhino is anything but small. They weigh anywhere from 1,320 and 2,090 pounds. 

Mature rhinos are between three and five feet tall, and range in length from six to 13 feet. Female rhinos do a lot of hunting and foraging, which is likely what we’re seeing here. There’s one point at the end of the footage where a bird lands on the back of the giant creature, reminding many viewers of The Lion King!

Baby Rhino and Mother Relationship

Rhinos are mostly solitary animals that only congregate to breed, care for a calf, or access a common resource. Males are highly territorial and protect their domain. Females traverse various lands, utilizing resources as necessary.

Rhino mothers carry a single calf for 15 to 16 months of their pregnancy. Though they occasionally have twins, rhinos typically only have one child at a time. Baby rhinoceroses, known as calves, are still very large at birth, weighing between 88 and 140 pounds. 

Young rhinos stay glued to their mother’s side.

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The calf will start its voyage on its own when it is about three years old. A rhinoceros’ lifespan can reach 45 years. They receive milk from their mothers as rhino calves until they reach the age of approximately 16 months old. A baby rhinoceros is going to keep consuming its mother’s milk until it is weaned. In the interim, it will start eating solid plant materials.

Because their mothers are frail during giving birth, they stay close to the water. Calves bond with their mothers the moment they are born. These youngsters often mirror their mothers with actions. When a baby rhino is born, it should stand up within an hour, although it will wobble a bit for a couple of days. 

The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Get ready to smile and click here to watch the video.

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