Watch This Beautiful Swan Go Gangster on an Intruding Goose

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: February 1, 2023
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The goose and the swan — two birds of a feather, yet who couldn’t be more different. Both of these majestic creatures have for centuries held an enmity for each other. From territorial disputes to basic disagreements over shared space, there is no denying that these two species have common ground, but what happens when they encounter each other? In this video, you will witness a classic battle between these two avian arch-rivals as they fight for supremacy in their shared environment.

In the video, it appears that a rogue goose has intruded into swan territory and is ready for a fight. The goose attacks and chases one of the swans, who tries to frantically swim away. The swan’s loyal mate jumps into the fray, swimming right behind the intruding goose. For a minute, the three look rather like a violent train of water foul. 

Eventually, the second swan pulls the goose off his mate, who swims away to safety. The goose and swan then engage in an epic watery battle. At first, it appears that this beautiful swan will win, as he nearly drowns the goose. However, the goose turns the tables and bites onto the swan’s wing and won’t let go!

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The video ends without a solid winner, but perhaps that is just as well — these two avian enemies will likely continue to fight for years to come. Watching this encounter, however, serves as an important reminder that animals are capable of complex behaviors and interactions, so it’s important to respect their habitats and safety when observing them in the wild. It’s also an incredible demonstration of the lengths some animals will go to protect their own! 

Why Do Geese and Swans Fight?

Canada Goose flapping wings
Some geese flap their wings as a sign of aggression.


In 2017, a team of researchers from WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust), the University of Exeter, and the Russian Academy of Sciences studied the levels of aggression in different waterbirds. They looked at more than 550 reports and published their findings in the scientific journal Animal Behaviour.

The researchers discovered that swans and geese actually had the same level of aggression as other waterbirds! They realized that it was actually the bird’s sex and age that made a big difference in how aggressive they were — males were more aggressive than females, and adult birds were more aggressive than younger ones.

Swans tend to be aggressive when they are protecting their habitats and will defend them if they feel threatened. They may also be aggressive when protecting their young, their mates, or when a new swan moves into their territory.

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mute swan in calm water
The swan is the heaviest of the swimming birds.

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